Air pollution and water pollution essay

Essay about water pollution - choose Expert and, cheap

air pollution and water pollution essay

Essay on water pollution - choose Expert and, cheap, essay

'Activist toolbox tools for change' - a well thought-out web page on campaigning techniques from rainforest Action Network, with good links and resources. A very long list of online resources about sustainability, of interest to environmentalists and others, provided by the University of Nottingham's School of the built Environment. This is an excellent American student campaign resource site. A simple but invaluable resource for communications planners - explains how Maslow's heirarchy of needs can be used to show how and why people take the same action for different reasons, or will need different 'messages' to become aware, aligned or engaged. The spin project (Strategic Press Information Network) provides media technical assistance to nonprofit public-interest organisations. Its site offers a range of media resources, tips and tools to assist organisations with their pr efforts. A tremendously useful source of basic marketing strategy tools.

Air pollution essays - choose Expert and, cheap, essay

The Change Agency focuses on the processes of action, organising and the learning required to effect positive social and environmental change. Compendious website includes the mother of all campaign planning grids by Phil Radford CampaignStrategyGrid. Pdf The monroe motivated Sequence for speeches. Attention, need, satisfaction, visualisation, action, conclusion. Womens Environmental Network aims: to educate, inform and empower women and men who care about the environment; to campaign on environmental and health issues from a women's perspective; to enable people to use their consumer power as a force for positive environmental change. This website has a substantial collection of useful links and many practical resources and lifestyle campaign information including toxics, saniatry products and nappies and. This website includes a well structured 'Environmental Education and Media toolkit' ( m ) telling you how to plan and run a media outreach campaign, from media planning to constructing soundbites. The center for Responsive politics. Especially good breakdown of where the money goes in us politics, and how much it influences the outcomes (m). Campaign case study - 'old Growth Campaign Timeline: making History' - ran rainforest Action Network campaign against bad logging practices of old growth forest by home depot and boise, starting in 1992 and ending with a success in 2003. A very succinct well illustrated timeline with useful links.

Greg Rowland Limited: a communications consultant specialising in semiotics with a website which has useful information and filsafat links. An informative site from Antioch University new England based on 'a master's program that trains public interest advocates and grassroots organizers working on issues such as climate protection, ecological sustainability, social justice, and the democratic control of corporations'. See also the eaop's blog ' the well-Trained Activist '. The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) - a coalition campaigning in over 100 countries for everyone's right to a free, quality education. Includes civil society organisations, teachers' unions, non-governmental organisations, child rights activists, un agencies, schools, teachers, parents and students. The communication Initiative website provides a large number of case studies and tools on communications on health, governance, environment, hiv/aids, sustainable development and other topic areas. A newsletter is available ( The Drum beat ) designed for the international development community and anyone interested in communication for social development and change. Network of over 50,000 individuals and organisations. Australia based 'Change Agency' provides access to resources, research, case studies and training for effective community action.

air pollution and water pollution essay

Water pollution essay - choose Expert and, cheap, essay

5) Specify for people what to do, how to do it, and why. 6) make the case for why action is needed now. 7) Match strategy and tactics to target audience. 8) Budget for success. 9) Rely on experts when needed. » Strategic Marketing Communications mith, Chris Berry, alan Pulford, kogan Page 1997 isbn. P 21 » Yes Minister Jonathan Lynn and Antony jay eds, guild Publishing London 1984 » Yes Prime minister Jonathan Lynn and Antony jay eds, guild Publishing London 1986 » Whitehall Peter Hennessy, 1990, collins A study of the British civil service » The Art. Wing (Translator isbn: Chinese strategy classic » Campaigning Manual Amnesty International 1997 isbn a-to-z of practical campaign organisation, very useful if a little dated » The tipping point Malcolm Gladwell, isbn on the spread of ideas a website and book by daniel Chandler introducing the.

They sometimes think the issues are too complex for simple, concise messages. In preparing this report, we searched for common denominators that helped to define the most successful campaigns - as well as the Achilles heel of some failures. One conclusion: there are three must haves for any successful campaign: 1) Clear, measurable goals. 2) Extensive knowledge of whom you are trying to reach and what moves them. 3) Compelling messages that connect with your target audience. We all know this, yet too often we move forward on campaigns without using these three criteria as our guide. How do we ensure these three core components are at the center of the campaign? 4) Start with systematic planning that is reviewed and then revised.

Essay on, pollution for Children and, students

air pollution and water pollution essay

Water pollution causes and effects essay - have your

The essay largest online resource for Sun tzu: The Art of War. This site is supported by sun tzu authors and scholars, and where readers around the world gather to discuss strategy. » Rules For Radicals: a pragmatic Primer for realistic Radicals saul d alinsky pub Vintage (1989 isbn first published in 1971 at the end of a long life in community campaigning ( 'organizing in the. Dated of course but well worth reading for its sections on tactics. » Now hear This - the nine laws of Successful Advocacy communications Produced by fenton Communications for the packard foundation. This report (available as a pdf file from the website) summarises views of twenty five "leading figures" in campaigns and communications.

Mostly us examples but widely applicable. The content is much more revealing than the chapter headings suggest. Fenton say of ngos not for profits They. Face challenges: Sometimes they go from being right to being righteous, losing supporters along the way. They often want to win the battle and the war in one step, when history tells us this is not the way it works. They have to be committed for the long-term. They often build campaigns and initiatives on assumptions - not tested, well-honed strategies.

It is inspired by the boston Matrix which divides a portfolio of businesses, products or brands by growth and market share. Rose's four Acres Matrix document (pdf 68k). Read the article that appeared in the. Independent on Sunday or find the report. Time for a campaign Against Rural England? A second article (that has formed the basis of a submission to the policy commission on the future of food and Farming chaired by don Curry countryside contracts: a voluntary market Mechanism Through Which The many may join The few can also be found.

Alternatively, you can download it as a pdf (131k). I don't know for sure but I think campaigning groups need to cooperate more in dealing with the implications of 'new media' and in particular the internet and the influence of digital and narrowcasting. The old nationally based broadcasters will become less important - and campaigners need to adapt. Download my essay on the subject or see a shortened version Is the golden age of pressure groups coming to an abrupt end?" at The Independent. You can also download the text of an article on new politics (150k pdf) I wrote for the University of Pennsylvania (after george bush rejected kyoto and before cop6 part 2) and view an accompanying presentation (a painfully large file). And you can download an article i wrote for ecos on ngo strategy in the second Blair term. My practical how-to guide of one hundred key steps or tools for developing effective campaigns applicable to any issue.

Environmental Control and Pollution in Nigeria essay

A shorter version will be published in the inventory journal Ecos. Since the '9/11' watershed it's been easy to forget that, until the Twin Towers were struck, the defining event of the bush Presidency was the rejection of the kyoto t, his decision could be a sign of political climate change and ngos need to adapt. Read the rest of this article by Chris Rose (published in the Green Alliance newsletter, Inside Track. See write which businesses or corporate activities are likely to develop into nagging persistent problems? Which are potential 'disasters' or likely to be the focus of major environmental battles? Which might be solutions? I used the dimensions of solubility and justification to identify likely candidates in this corporate environmental issues matrix, for a training seminar at Unilever's 'four Acres' centre.

air pollution and water pollution essay

Article published in Ecos in 2004 on the impact of value shifts on the environment movement in the uk (204k pdf). The Breakthrough Institute write - "In a report prepared for the Environmental Grantmakers Association, michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus argue that by failing to question its most basic assumptions, the environmental movement is unable to address the greatest human-made ecological crisis in modern history, global. Gregg Easterbrook writes, "Shellenberger and Nordhaus have written a bold challenge to environmental conventional wisdom. Anyone who is interested in the future of environmentalism, especially as it tackles global warming, must read this article." Download from The Breakthrough Institute ebreakthrough. Org, frequently campaigns fail to identify motivational triggers because no qualitative research is done for various reasons. One way around this problem, particularly suited to campaigns, involves value modes mapping based on the work of psychologist Abraham Maslow. It divides the population according to the 'hierarchy of needs' and maps dozens of attributes, including environment, and can reveal their relative change and position for each group. This essay summarises and publishes some important findings using this approach, done with the commercial research tools belonging to the company cultural Dynamics, for the first time.

emissions. A nationally representative study of motivational psychological values and climate change is published here for the first time. It raises important questions for the uk government and ngo campaigns to 'mobilise public concern' about climate change which currently lack nationally representative information about public motivations and climate. You've seen the injustice. But can you channel your anger into action? Of course you can, says the former Greenpeace activist Chris. Rose article in, the Independent, a guide for getting the most out of these familiar forms of communication that are easy to misjudge. Ngos are getting together to launch joint campaigns to 'mobilise' the public on climate change. In the us, the 'failure' of climate campaigning has sparked controversy over whether 'environmentalism is dead' (see campaign strategy newsletter 2 ). Here are ten factors which have made it hard to campaign effectively on 'climate'.

Notes expanding on comments by Chris Rose given at the second Green Alliance 'soap box series' of autumn debates, royal College of Surgeons, london. This event was entitled: Greening the public: how do we secure a step change in public environmental action? Here is a summary of this site's "12 basic guidelines" prepared by the organisers of 'communicate 06 12th October 2006 at hp labs, filton road, Stoke gifford, Bristol, bs34 8qz,. An explanation of the uses of the powerful psychographic mapping system of the values that underlie behaviour and determin opinion. Authored by Chris Rose and Pat din Dade from Cultural Dynamics Strategy marketing, leading Value modes practitioners. Chris Rose (Campaign Strategy) with Pat Dade (. Cultural Dynamic ) and John, scott ksbr findings from qualitative research conducted in the west of England.

Air Pollution, water Pollution and noise pollution!

Pulling together work by leading values researchers and applicable nurse to any subject. An outline of a new strategy model which provides a simple link between the common desire of social campaigners to influence opinion and politics with values and behaviour. 'a time for Strategy' asks whether environmental ngos have forgotten how to campaign. Strategy seems to be slipping out of many campaigns. Is this due to the focus on 'behaviour change' through social marketing? This essay provides examples of ngos who are still doing good campaigns which are both instrumental and strategic and suggests possible strategic campaign targets on climate change. Lastly it describes how efforts to increase 'public engagement' can trip over themselves by inadvertently asking people to change values which are needs they have to meet. One of the 'great debates' of our age - how to respond to climate change - is often framed by the media in terms of belief or disbelief. This article analyses the different forms of 'scepticism' that are embedded in the 'climate change' debate and the way that the media sometimes 'samples' these to magnify, extend and exaggerate climate scepticism.

Air pollution and water pollution essay
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Resume : Administrative position at a university - susan. Of course, you should use only reliable sources and essay examples that received the highest grades.

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