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business plan writers texas

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A roomy entrance offers clear sight and travel lines to eye-catching power walls on the right, and an inviting seating area towards the back. These lure customers into the store with the promise of treasures and comfort within. The shop even has a left-side checkout midway back. Someone really did their customer behavior homework on this retail store layout. Customer Behavior 3: Personal Space The size and placement of aisles and pathways dictate the flow of customer traffic throughout your store. Aisles must be wide enough to invite customers to browse, not bump into other shoppers, and — most importantly — pick up and carry items for purchase.

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However, the area just beyond the decompression zone is some of your most valuable promotional space, which experts often call your waterfront property. We detail ways you can maximize this valuable space below. Customer Behavior 2: Right Turn, Up Ahead In America, we drive on the right-hand side of the road, and would you believe it? We tend to shop that way as well. Customer behavior studies show that nearly 90 percent of shoppers naturally drift to the right upon entering a store. Likewise, in countries like england where they drive on the left, customers steer left upon entering a store. So what does that mean for retail store owners? According to georganne bender of kizer judy bender, in the us it means three key things: The right-hand side of your store, especially the waterfront property just beyond the decompression zone, is best for promotional displays. Customers are going to naturally drift to the right upon entry, so you should design your store traffic flow based on a right-to-left pattern. Checkouts and registers should be located to the left of the entrance so the right side can be maximized for product exposure and power walls, which we discuss in detail below. Source: a splash of Sass, cypress, texas The small apparel resume boutique pictured above really nails these traffic flow details!

A clutter-free entry is welcoming to customers: source: Retail Design Blog The decompression zone is where your customer makes a mental shift from the outside world to your store environment. Upon entry, they take stock of your store, develop an opinion of your brand, and even make subconscious judgments about the prices they expect to find. Store design experts agree that this area should be open and inviting, and free metamorphosis of overpowering displays and signage clutter, as shown in the image above. Many customer behavior studies, including those conducted by Envirosell s Paco Underhill, support this opinion. They show that customers tend to ignore displays, signage, and even manned sales counters placed close to store entrances. Want to learn more about designing a store around customer behaviors? Check out Paco Underhills The Science of Shopping books. Paco is the founder and ceo of the consumer behavior research firm Envirosell, and a leading authority on customer-driven retail practices.

business plan writers texas

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In the us, that means customers usually turn to the right when they enter a store. Customers need personal space when shopping. They dont like to be crowded, jostled, or so close that their bottoms brush when passing (more on this interesting tidbit below!). Now lets explore how you beauty can use these behavioral tendencies to pull shoppers into your store and entice them to buy. Use traffic flow to determine display layout and product placement within your store. Source: Pinterest Customer Behavior 1: Decompress Upon Entry Its tempting to place new products, hot items, and sale signage front-and-center so theyre the first things customers see upon entering. But dont do this! The first few feet inside the door, say five feet for a small store, and 15 feet for a larger store, is known as the decompression zone. Store design experts strongly advise against cluttering up this space.

Then overlay a piece of tracing paper to sketch out how different floor plans can work within your space. Once you have an idea of how to best use your space, its time to explore how to move customers throughout your store. We discuss this in detail in our next section. Step 3: Consider Traffic Flow customer Behaviors in your Store layout Whichever store layout you choose, you need to arrange your stores pathways, aisles, and display fixtures with traffic flow in mind. To do this, you must understand three key customer behaviors: Customers need transition space as they enter a store. This is what experts call the decompression zone. Customers browse and shop the way they drive.

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business plan writers texas

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Kizer bender, step 2: Put your Floor Plan Down on Paper. If you havent settled on your store layout, or even if you have, the first thing you need to do is work your plan out on paper. But before you start, remember! Many small retailers find that a mix of dubai floor plans and layout styles works best. For example, you might start with a loop, then combine grid-style shelving homes aisles and free-flow displays in the center section.

Or if your sales floor isnt a standard shape, as shown below, you might create a loop or grid in one section, and use a free-flow layout in another. This store floor plan uses a mix of layout styles, a loop on the left and free-flow center and right: source: Gift Shop Magazine, if you have a copy of the blueprint for your store, start with that. If not, draw up your own schematic of your sales floor. Grid paper works great for this, or you can use online store layout tools, which we list below. Next, take your sales floor schematic, note any special built-in features such as columns, cabinets, or shelving, and attach it to a piece of poster board or foam core.

Browsing is king in a free-flow layout. Fixtures and displays are placed at angles to encourage shoppers to slow down and explore highlighted product groupings at every turn. A free-flow store layout creates open sight lines throughout the store, so specialty displays and power walls, which we discuss in detail below, are highly visible. This makes it easy to funnel customers toward specific merchandise zones using eye-catching accent colors and product groupings. The open look of a free-flow layout is ideal for all types of boutiques and upscale stores. It also works well for stores with smaller inventories since its designed to highlight product groupings rather than store goods in quantity.

Your sales floor is a living, breathing entity that needs to change frequently in order to flourish. Its the retailers job to make that happen. If your store is filled with the latest and greatest product, but your sales are in a rut, it could be because your customers are bored. They come to your store not just to buy; they come for ideas and inspiration. And they come to be entertained even when they dont buy anything, that experience is what brings them back. Pro tip from Rich kizer georganne bender, retail Store design Consultants.

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Loop floor plans work very well with zone merchandising tactics, too, which we discuss in detail below. In a loop floor plan, the perimeter walls are highly visible and can feature all types of wall and shelving displays. A loop floor plan provides a great base for combining layouts, too. With a loop plan, the central part of the store can be set up in a grid or free-flow layout (which we cover below) or even a mix of the two. However you design it, a loop floor plan surrounds customers with product displays on outer walls and allows for all types of creative display variations in the center of the store. A loop floor plan works well for most types of small retail stores such essay as apparel and accessories, toy, homeware, kitchenware, personal care, and specialty products. Free flow Floor Plan Store layout. Source: LuckyBrand la, a free-flow retail store layout is the favorite of many specialty retailers because it allows maximum creativity and is easily changed and updated.

business plan writers texas

However, due to this familiarity, they tend to impart a grab-and-go experience. A grid layout can be a good choice for small retailers who shelf-stock inventory in quantity, like toys, books and magazines, specialty foods, kitchenware, and home goods. However, its not ideal for retailers who want to create an upscale, branded environment that invites relaxed browsing. Loop Floor Plan Store layout, source: Retail Design Blog. A loop floor plan, sometimes called a racetrack layout, creates the most guided shopping experience of auditor the three. A loop store layout features a defined pathway throughout the store, which exposes customers to every item on display. Bed, bath beyond stores are good examples of a loop floor plan.

plenty of thought. Many factors will affect your floor plan choice, including the size and shape of your sales floor, the types of products you sell, and even the customers you hope to attract. Keep these factors in mind as we explore each floor plan option in detail. Grid Floor Plan Store layout. Source: Pinterest, a grid floor plan, also called a straight layout, is a very efficient use of both floor and wall space. With fixtures and displays running parallel to walls, a grid floor plan maximizes every inch of available floor space, including the corners. Grid layouts are easy for customers to navigate and for store owners to categorize. Plus they offer plenty of endcap and feature wall exposure for promotional items and seasonal products. Since grid layouts are used in most grocery, big box, and convenience stores, they create a familiar feel to customers.

Large or small, most retail stores use one of three basic types of retail store layouts. Heres a quick look drinking at each, and well explore all three in detail below. Retail Floor Plan, best For, example Store layout, grid Floor Plans. Used in grocery, big box, and convenience stores. Shelf-stocked goods such as books, toys, specialty foods, hardware, and homewares. Loop Floor Plans, maximize wall space and lead shoppers along a set pathway. Apparel, accessories, toy, homewares, kitchenwares, personal care, and specialty retail stores. Free flow Floor Plans, used in upscale, specialty, and boutique settings.

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A good retail store layout starts on paper, where you work out building specs, customer traffic flow, product placement, and more, before ever installing a single display. Thoughtful planning lets you explore options and create a store layout that encourages customers to browse and buy. Before we dive into the details of a good store layout, you should consider and how to track sales, inventory, and the effectiveness of your displays and marketing. A retail point-of-sale (POS) like. Lightspeed can provide you with these valuable insights and kick your sales into overdrive. Click here to try lightspeed free for 14 days. Visit Lightspeed, step 1: Decide on a retail Store Floor Plan.

Business plan writers texas
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