Safety of women essay

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safety of women essay

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General guidelines for the supervision of abusers include the following:. The safety of the woman who is abused is the chief concern. The abuser is responsible for his behavior. There is no acceptable justification for his violence, no matter what he says or how much he blames her. Address every attempt of abusers to deny, minimize, justify, or blame abuse on anything other than their own personal choice. Neutralize the abusers attempts to manipulate officers or control probation proceedings.

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Develop a schedule of meeting times and dates in conjunction with the other supervising officer. It is essential that different probation officers book supervise the woman who is abused and her abuser. This minimizes opportunities for breeches in confidentiality and reduces the potential for collusion with the abuser. If case reviews are routinely conducted with other probation officers and supervisors, exercise extreme caution in discussing case details which may put a woman who is abused at risk. While challenging, limit the access of other officers and supervisors as much as feasible to the case file of the woman who is abused. Discussing the details of her case with other probation officers may result in information getting to her abuser, with potentially significant heading repercussions for her safety. Do not make negative statements about the abuser during supervision of a woman who is abused (nyscadv, 2003; nys pdvip, 2005). For example, comments such as hes such a lousy husband or hes a real jerk interject value judgments into the supervision process that can significantly detract from perceptions of probation officers and their ability to maintain a professional demeanor. Rather, the context of the abusers behaviors and actions should be focused on her safety. Additional Safety Strategies for Women Who Are Abused During Supervision of Their Abusers.

Similarly, probation officers need to keep the focus on accountability, not on abusers personal or moral deficits, diseases, low self-esteem, early childhood experiences, anger management, diminished intellect, addiction, mental illness, other individuals, or external events as the means to explaining or solving domestic violence. Doing so gives abusers support for the excuses they offer to explain their abusive behavior (State of New York, 1998). General Safety Strategies for Women Who Are Abused During dual Probation Supervision. General guidelines for probation officers who supervise women who are abused during filsafat dual probation situations include the following:. Recognize that women who are abused have differing safety needs and concerns than men who are being supervised. In some situations, there may be a need to request a modification of Orders and Conditions of Probation that may negatively impact her safety (e.g. Curfew, electronic monitoring, travel permits, and residency reporting may impose additional danger for women who are abused). Do not schedule office interviews with both the woman who is abused and her abuser on the same day.

safety of women essay

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When women who are abused and reviews their abusers are both under supervision by probation, a heightened level of confidentiality and a stringent safety protocol must be maintained within the department. Regardless of who is or is not identified by the criminal justice system as the abuser, probation officers should continue to implement practices that support the safety of women who are abused. Probation officers are well trained to be wary of probationers and their many tactics at getting-over. This skill is especially key when supervising domestic violence offenders, as abusers not only excel at this endeavor, but use it as a strategy directly related to their abuse and to their mindset. Although many convicted criminals may believe themselves to be victims, men who are abusers tend to be particularly insistent about their perceived victimization. Historically, men who abused were protected by traditions of privacy and privilege surrounding marriage and the family. While social values and laws are changing pertaining to abuse in intimate relationships, many men who abuse express a sense of intrusion and injustice, and feel that they have had something taken away, or that their rights have been abridged. Probation officers need to exercise care not to say or do anything that could be interpreted as agreeing with the abuser including even the most casual of comments or nodding of the head. Invariably, abusers will use that perceived support to minimize and justify their behaviors or to corroborate their negative assumptions about women (nys pdvip, 2004).

Thus, interventions implemented by probation officers can focus on helping women who are abused explore and evaluate available options, make informed decisions, design preliminary safety plans that reflect womens needs and goals, and facilitate voluntary involvement in domestic violence services (State of New York, 1998). At every opportunity, probation officers should make available hotline numbers, contact information, and descriptions of locally available domestic violence programs and services to women who are abused. However, seeking help from a domestic violence program, getting an order of protection, or deciding to leave an abuser only makes sense to a woman when, on balance, it reduces the overall risks that she and her children face. Victim safety should remain paramount when there may be competing interests or a perceived benefit of a program, policy, protocol, or procedure. Achieving this goal requires a supervision plan that incorporates the many obstacles and risks to achieving safety or to ending a relationship with an abusive partner that women who are abused encounter. Domestic violence programs focus on empowerment, autonomy, and self-determination, and mandating participation in any program or service contradicts this philosophy (Crager., 2003). Mandating women who are abused to domestic violence services also places advocates in the incongruent role of monitoring compliance with probation conditions (Denton, 2001). Considerations for dual Probation Supervision of Women Who are Abused and Their Abusers.

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safety of women essay

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Do not promise the woman who is abused any thing you may not be able to deliver. Do not assure her of her safety (nyscadv, 2003; nys pdvip, 2004) (see appendix D for a checklist for probation contact with victims of domestic violence). Collaboration with Domestic violence Advocates and Referrals to domestic violence Programs. Probation officers are building strong collaborations with domestic violence advocates. As a result, they have a greater comprehension of the dangers that women face, and a broader understanding of choices women make which are grounded in critical survival strategies. The role of advocates, which are employed by traditional domestic violence programs (based in, or linked with, not-for-profit, non-governmental agencies is defined by the needs and desires of women who are abused. The overarching goals of advocates are to support and bolster womens confidentiality and decisions, and provide them with information.

The allegiance of advocates lies solely with women who are abused, which is distinct from victim-witness liaisons (also sometimes referred to as advocates) that may be employed by district attorneys offices, law enforcement agencies, and other system-based programs. In fact, advocates may be called upon to represent the interests of women who are abused to other persons and/or agencies. Advocates and domestic violence programs are a major resource for probation officers and departments and vice versa, and this interdependent relationship should be encouraged, strengthened, and formalized as a necessary part of a coordinated community response to domestic violence. Advocate-probation collaborations can strengthen cases and significantly support safety of women in many ways. Advocates can assist with explaining the probation process, help women who are abused understand what probation officers and departments do, and review probation documents and paperwork with women who are abused. In addition, advocates can help prepare women who are abused for meetings with probation, and may be able to attend meetings to provide additional support (nys pdvip, 2004, nys pdvip, 2005)3. Probation officers can minimize the potentially dangerous repercussions of unintended consequences of supervision practices, by developing and maintaining collaborations with advocates regarding safety issues.

Consider displaying domestic violence posters in the probation department and have local domestic violence program brochures and pamphlets available as a visible way to show that the officer and the department take domestic violenceseriously. Explain the terms of the Orders and Conditions of Probation, the role of a probation officer, and any additional relevant agency policies. Fully explain the consequences of violations of the Orders and Conditions of Probation, and other probationer obligations. Assure the woman who is abused that she is not responsible for her abusers behavior. The choice to abuse rests only with the abuser. Do not use her abuser as a collateral contact.

This may unintentionally reinforce and validate his power and control over her and introduce unreliable information to her case. It is essential to understand that the decisions women make may be based on critical survival strategies. Women who are abused are constantly evaluating their risks, and from day to day their needs and safety concerns may vary. Ask the woman who is abused to identify how to contact her in a way that supports her safety. Do not initiate contact with the woman who is abused while her abuser is present. Ensure that the woman who is abused has contact information for the local domestic violence program. Assist her in identifying her safety concerns. Discuss safety issues for the probation officer and the woman who is abused that may impact home contacts, fieldwork, or collateral contacts (e.g., if the abuser lives with the woman who is abused, schedule a home contact with her when the abuser is not. Address other needs of women who are abused including employment, childcare, housing issues, substance abuse treatment, etc.

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The psi should include specific questions about the history of victimization and power and control dynamics in the relationship (nys pdvip, 2005) (see appendix C for buy a list of general guidelines for probation officers xmas who supervise women who are abused). Additional strategies for supervising women who are abused include the following:. Know and follow the departmental confidentiality policy regarding use of information about the woman who is abused, including her contact information. Inform the woman who is abused of the policy at first contact, and again as necessary throughout the supervision process. It is important for her to understand what will happen with any and all information she may provide to her probation officer (e.g., will it be written in her case file? Will a supervisor see it? Will it be submitted to the judge in a report? Will her abuser or his attorney have access to it?). Create a safe environment for women who are abused to disclose their experiences of abuse if they choose.

safety of women essay

custom essay sample on Safety of Women specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, probation officers support the safety of women by providing referrals to domestic violenceprograms to assist with completing a safety plan. If a woman chooses not to contact a domestic violence advocate, probation officers can help her review her risks and create a preliminary safety plan (see appendix B for considerations for developing a preliminary safety plan including asking about weapons available to the offender,. Regardless of the level of offense or conviction, probation officers should refrain from minimizing the abusers potential to inflict serious physical injury. All domestic violence cases should be considered as potential homicides, particularly during separation or after a woman who is abused terminates the relationship (nys pdvip, 2005). Probation officers are also becoming aware of the potential for collusion with abusers who are not under supervision. These abusers may attempt to become an ally of probation officers in order to maintain power and control over the woman who is abused. To counter these attempts at coercion, probation is increasingly conducting Pre-sentence Investigations (PSIs) in all domestic violence cases. If there are insufficient resources to do this in all cases, psis should be conducted on any case where the defendant may have a history of victimization by the alleged victim in the presenting case.

Her abuser may be waiting for her in the parking lot, go through her purse or vegetarianism pockets, and use that domestic violence program contact number as a reason to continue and/or escalate his abuse (nyscadv, 2004b). It is also important for probation officers to take their cues from women who are abused as to what their abusers actions mean. For example, an abuser may have made statements to indicate that a womans risk is high (i.e. The next flowers youll get will be when you are in the ground). Probation officers can also assist women in identifying and understanding dangerous and potentially illegal stalking behaviors including unwanted phone calls, letters, gifts, flowers, email, instant messages, or faxes. A stalker may also follow her or show up at places she frequents (home, work, school, etc. make verbal, written, or implied threats directed at her, her friends or family, or vandalize her property. More extreme acts of stalking may also include assaults or other acts of violence, including sexual assault, directed at her, an immediate family member, or someone she knows (nyscadv, 2004b).

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It is crucial that probation officers develop a familiarity with the needs and safety concerns of women who are abused, and become aware of the risks women face while on probation supervision. For example, an abuser may use the probation condition as another way to abuse her by threatening to falsely allege a probation violation to her probation officer, or by forcing her to commit an illegal act and then reporting it (Crager., 2003). When a probation officer learns that a woman probationer is abused, the officer should apply the same principles for drinking working with women who are not probationers (nys pdvip, 2005). If a woman who is abused has not had contact with domestic violence programs, probation officers can play a key role in providing information and referrals to domestic violence services. A probation officer may be the first person that has ever said to her: you dont deserve to be abused. Its not your fault, and theres nothing you have done to cause the abuse. Probation officers have a responsibility to reassure women that they are not alone with their experiences: Im concerned about you, and when you are ready, help is available. When probation officers provide referrals, it is crucial to understand that her potential reluctance or unwillingness to take hotline/advocate contact information may be related to a concern for her own safety.

Safety of women essay
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