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They themselves are goals. A good poem does not exist to improve the world it in itself is a piece of an improved world, which is why it does not need a message. This endless searching for a message (moral, religious, practical, social, etc.) is a deplorable invention of literary professors and essayists, who otherwise would not know what to write and babble about. The works of Shakespeare, the Odyssey, one Thousand and One nights, and Don quixote the biggest works of literature dont have a message. They dont prove or disprove anything. They are something like a mountain, a lake, a deadly desert or an apple tree. " people write because they are thinking about a topic, not because they have the intention or the urge to inform the reader about some important worldview. But that, of course, depends on how the theme one comes up with interacts with the world one has created.

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In 2009, piper Verlag made The neverending Story available as a paperback. Later on, Thienemann-Verlag added The fantastica-lexicon (a dictionary of terms used in Fantastica) to their line of books dealing with The neverending Story. Interpretation edit As to the interpretation of The neverending Story, michael Ende has summary never wanted to set any limits. According to him, any interpretation could be right if it is well done. He does, however, have one thing to say about the story: This is a story of a boy who loses his whole interior world, which basically is his mythical world, during the night of a crisis a life crisis. It just disappears into nowhere and he has to face this nothing, this nowhere and that is what we europeans, too, have. We have gotten rid of all the values we once had and now we have to face that, we have to bravely jump in in order to be able to create something again, to create a new 'fantastica' and a new set of values. Michael Ende has often been asked what the message of his novel. Usually he would answer this question like he did in a letter to a reader: Art and poetry dont explain the world, they depict. They do not need anything that exceeds them.

The book's design was developed in cooperation with the illustrator Roswitha quadflieg. The book's 2004 reprint does away with both these initials as well as the green writing. Ralph Manheim's English translation of vegetarianism the book has a different cover design, but it does include the two-color writing as well as the alphabetically arranged initials - the translations of the first words in each chapter were adapted accordingly. In 1987, the first paperback version of the book was published by dtv-verlag, followed by "Der niemandsgarten" in 1998 as part of the "Edition weitbrecht" with writings from Michael Ende's unpublished works. In this, you can find a novel fragment of the same name, which can be understood as a predecessor to The neverending Story. As of 2004, a new edition with illustrations by Claudia seeger has become available from Thienemann publishing. In addition to that, piper Verlag published Aber das ist eine andere geschichte das große michael Ende lesebuch (Eng. But that is a different story the big Michael Ende reading book containing the previously unpublished chapter Bastian erlernt die zauberkunst (Eng. Bastian learns how to do magic).

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By michael Ende's death in 1995, the buy circulation figures had risen.6 million. Thirty years after its publication, The dessay neverending Story has been translated into over 40 languages. Worldwide, its total circulation constitutes 10 million copies (alternative source: 40 million copies). Usually, the book is not printed in black; most editions use two different colors. Red writing represents the story lines which take place in the human world, while blue-green writing stands for the events taking place in Fantastica, the realm of Fantasy. This kind of variation facilitates the reader's understanding of the plot, since the ten-year-old protagonist Bastian Balthasar Bux shifts back and forth between the two worlds. The neverending Story consists of 26 chapters, each one beginning with a richly adorned initial from "A" to "Z" in alphabetical order.

The novel was released for the first time in September 1979 by the publisher Thienemann. The story brought the author international fame. He received the buxtehuder Bull, the prize of the bookworms of the zdf, the wilhelm-hauff-Price for the aid of literature for children and young people, the european prize for books for young people, the silver stylus of Rotterdam as well as the Grand Prix. Today, michael Endes estate can be found in the deutsche literaturarchiv marbach. The original manuscript of The neverending Story can be viewed in the literaturmuseum der Moderne in Marbach, as part of its permanent collection. Editions edit In September 1979, Thienemann published the book, with a small initial print run of only 20,000 copies. Having garnered favorable critical reception from the start, the novel hit. 5 on the Spiegel Bestseller List in July 1980 and stayed on the list for sixty weeks. In the following three years, there were 15 reprints of the novel, with nearly a million copies in circulation.

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Ende promised that the book would be able to your be published in autumn 1979. A year before this date, he called his publisher and told him that Bastian, the main character, had absolutely refused to leave fantastica and that he (Michael Ende) had no choice but to accompany him on his long journey. He also said it could not be an ordinary book anymore. It had to be designed much more as a proper grimoire, or a book of proposal magic, with a leather cover and decorated with mother-of-pearl and brass buttons. Eventually, they agreed on a silk cover, the familiar bi-color print and the twenty-six initials for the individual chapters, which were to be designed by roswitha quadflieg.

The costs of the book increased significantly as a result. Ende was not able to move forward with his story, however, because he was still looking for ways to get Bastian back to reality from Fantastica. In the middle of this artistic crisis, one of the coldest winters Ende had ever experienced set. The water pipes froze, one pipe burst, the house was under water, and the walls started to mold. It was during this difficult period that the author came up with the perfect solution: auryn, the Amulet of the Childlike empress, itself would function as the exit out of Fantastica. In this way, ende was finally able to finish his book in 1979, after three years of work.

Here, he is found by Atreyu. In remorse, bastian lays down auryn at his friend's feet, and Atreyu and Falkor enter auryn with him, where the water of Life demands to know Bastian's name, and if Bastian has finished all the stories he began in his journey, which he has not. Only after Atreyu gives Bastian's name and promises to complete all the stories for him does the water of Life allow Bastian to return to the human world, along with some of the mystical waters. He returns to his father, where he tells the full tale of his adventures, and thus reconciles with him. Afterwards, bastian confesses to coreander about stealing his book and losing it, but Coreander denies ever owning such a book.

Coreander reveals he has also been to fantastica, and that the book has likely moved into the hands of someone else and that Bastian - like coreander - will eventually show that individual the way to fantastica. This, the book concludes, "is another story and shall be told another time". Characters edit main article: List of The neverending Story characters auryn atreyu bastian Balthazar Bux The Childlike empress/Moon Child Falkor, the luckdragon Carl Conrad Coreander Artax, Atreyu's horse Gmork, the wolf Morla, the giant turtle/the ancient one uyulala, the invisible oracle xayide, the witch pyornkrachzark. Ende promised to have it finished by Christmas but he doubted he would reach a page number beyond 100. Ende chose this leitmotif: "When reading a story, a boy falls - literally - into the story and finds it hard to get out again". Thienemann publishing approved this concept in advance. It quickly became apparent, however, that there was much more material than Ende had thought. Because of this, the publication had to be postponed again and again.

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Realizing that the story will repeat itself forever without his intervention, bastian names the Empress 'moon Child and appears with her in Fantastica, where he restores its existence through his own imagination. The Empress has also given him auryn, on the back of which he finds the inscription "do what you wish". For each wish, bastian loses a memory of his life as a human. Unaware of this at first, bastian goes through Fantastica, having adventures and telling stories, while losing his memories. In spite of the warnings of Atreyu and Bastian's other friends, bastian uses auryn to create creatures and dangers for himself to conquer, which causes some negative side effects for the rest of Fantastica. After encountering the wicked sorceress xayide, with the mysterious absence of the Childlike empress Bastian essay decides to take over Fantastica for himself, but is stopped by Atreyu, whom Bastian grievously wounds in battle. Ultimately, a repentant Bastian is reduced to two memories: those of his mother and father, and of his own name. After more adventures, bastian must give up the memory of his parents to discover that his strongest wish is to be capable of love and give love to others. After much searching, and on the verge of losing his final memory, bastian is unable to find the water of Life with which to leave fantastica with his memories.

When Atreyu announces that he is the hero g'mork has sought, the wolf laughs and succumbs to death. However, upon being approached, g'mork's body instinctively seizes Atreyu's leg in his jaws. Meanwhile, falkor retrieves auryn from the sea and arrives in time to save atreyu from the rapid approach of The nothing. Falkor and Atreyu go to the Childlike empress, who assures them they have brought her rescuer to her; Bastian suspects that the Empress means him, but cannot bring himself to believe. When Bastian refuses to speak the new name, to prompt him into fulfilling his role as savior, the Empress herself locates the Old thesis Man of Wandering mountain, who possesses a book also entitled. The neverending Story, which the Empress demands he read aloud. As he begins, bastian is amazed to find the book he is reading is repeating itself, beginning once again whenever the Empress reaches the Old Man—only this time, the story includes Bastian's meeting with Coreander, his theft of the book, and all his actions.

by a human child, who can only be found beyond Fantastica's borders. As Falkor and Atreyu search for the borders of Fantastica, atreyu is flung from Falkor's back in a confrontation with the four Wind giants and loses auryn in the sea. Atreyu lands in the ruins of Spook city, the home of various wicked creatures. Injured by the fall and stranded in the dangerous city, atreyu finds the wolf, g'mork, chained and near death, who tells him that all the residents of the city have leapt voluntarily into The nothing. There, thanks to the irresistible pull of the destructive phenomenon, they have become lies in the human world. The wolf also reveals that he is a servant of The manipulators, the force behind The nothing. They wish to prevent the Empress's chosen hero from saving her. G'mork then reveals that when the princess of the city discovered his treachery against the Empress, she imprisoned him and left him to starve to death.

Contents, plot summary edit, the book centers on a boy, bastian Balthazar Bux, a small and strange child who is neglected by his father after the death of Bastian's mother. While escaping from some bullies, bastian bursts into the antique book store of Carl Conrad Coreander, where he finds his interest held by a book called. Unable to resist, he steals the book and hides in his school's attic, where he begins to read. The story bastian reads is set in the magical land of Fantastica, an unrealistic place of wonder ruled by the benevolent and mysterious Childlike empress. A great delegation has come to the Empress to seek her help against a formless entity called "The nothing". The delegates are shocked when the Empress's physician, a centaur named cairon, informs resume them that the Empress is dying, and has summoned a boy warrior named Atreyu, to find a cure. To atreyu, the Empress gives auryn: a powerful medallion that protects him from all harm. At the advice of the giant turtle, morla the Aged One, atreyu sets off in search of an invisible oracle known as uyulala, who may know the Empress's cure.

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This article is about the novel. For the 1984 film, see. The neverEnding Story (film). For other uses, see, the neverending moliere Story (disambiguation). The neverending Story german : die unendliche geschichte ) is a fantasy novel by german writer. Michael Ende, first published in 1979. An English translation,. Ralph Manheim, was first published in 1983. The novel was later adapted into several films.

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  3. Summary, of, the, story of, my, life, novel. Class 10th English classes Class 10th, summary, of, the, story of, my, life, novel. homoerotic themes of the story.27 In the novel version of The picture of Dorian Gray (1891 chapters 3, 5, and 15 to 18, inclusive.

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