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agile developer resume

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Utilized existing css and javascript frameworks, such as Blueprint and jQuery, to reduce development time and to encourage code reuse. Reinforced a asp/VBScript database application against cross-site scripting and sql injections. Programmed javascript scripting solutions to address state-mandated accessibility statutes. Direct interface with university department heads and administrative managers for technical advice and recommendations. Pavlov media, intern/ Part Time Programmer may 2007 - august 2007. Repaired issues for a customer management and billing application.

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I also collaborated with external vendors, including art direction for Vimeo's Windows Phone app. Senior Visual Designer, april july 2012, visual Designer. February 20 (with a blip over at admin R/GA). Visual Designer, may 20, my title was visual designer, but I learned pretty quickly that pure visual design is boring for me! So i engaged in everything from the nitty-gritty pixel bits to high-level interaction design. Clients included Ernst young, nokia, at t, ca, ge, and ipc. Resume » Adam reisberg » Web developer, js ninja Apprentice, and Engineer. Work Experience, atlas web Services, web developer February 20Authored tutorials and accessibility guidelines for University web development. Implemented standards-compliant sites in html, css, and jQuery. Developed a bulk record import extension to a t-based faculty and graduate student resumé database system, reducing time required for on-site data entry.

I also helped support our distribution to Instant Articles by designing an in-house article management tool. I am now lead designer for the buzzfeed apps group. I have an eye on improving design fidelity by getting my hands as dirty as possible in code (with the help of my patient and lovely engineering team) and designing a cohesive style guide. I also work closely with product management to continuously experiment with new features, and keep close essay to our audience with qualitative user research. Kitchensurfing, product Designer, september 20I designed awesome experiences for chefs and customers. As well as helping to introduce user research to the product process at Kitchensurfing, I also worked with an agile engineering team to develop a responsive design language and our product team to fundamentally rethink the product. Vimeo, mobile designer, july 2012 september 2013, at Vimeo i was on a tiny new team as the lead user interface and user experience designer for Vimeo on ios, windows 8, mobile web, and more.

agile developer resume

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Managing the team of other editors and camera operators. Programming Languages platforms Core programming languages: c c, objective-c, java, actionscript, php, sql i also have experience with: c, assembler, lingo, javascript, perl, basic, fortran, xslt, vegetarianism forth Education : London Contemporary dance School: Contemporary dance choreography. Cambridge University: Mathematics: bahons. Buzzfeed, senior Product Designer, february 2016 Present, product Designer. May 2015 vietnamese february 2016, i joined buzzfeed to design the buzzfeed News app for Android for its launch, and led design on both ios and Android post-launch. The app was shortlisted for snd digital World's Best and nominated for Best App by google Play awards. As designer for our Post Experience team, i contributed design for our native framework for article pages on ios and Android. . I also designed experiments to improve the performance of buzzfeed's article experience on mobile web, notably increasing our share rate.

Clients included bbc new Media, disney and The Open University. Designed training courses and conducted the training sessions. Developed custom courses to clients requirements. Contemporary dance Choreographer founded and managed my own contemporary dance company, big room Dance company. Choreographed new dance productions for the company which were performed around the uk and mainland Europe. Choreographed for various opera and theatre productions. Leader in the use of technology within dance creation and performance. Video director/Editor; The video place directing and editing corporate, promotional and dance videos.

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agile developer resume

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Led teams when they undertook critical projects. Primary technologies were java (with Spring Flash (with Flex php, sql, html and essay javascript (with jQuery). 2005: lead Engineer at ea criterion lead engineer on the game burnout revenge for Playstation 2 and xbox. Led the front-end development team as they transitioned from a pure c development environment to one utilising a custom internal Flash player running inside the game. Led the integration of the Flash gui tool into the existing codebase and workflow utilising my wide experience with both c and Actionscript.

Primary technologies were c and Flash. Freelance web, games business and multimedia software engineer developed educational games, museum installations, web games and internet applications. Worked alone or led clients in-house teams to deliver projects. Clients included The United Nations, The Science museum, The British Museum, bbc new Media and The national Gallery. Freelance Trainer in various web and multimedia programming Trained developers in Actionscript 3, javascript and php.

pietro guardascione, head of Studio, king : cto at, stick Sports Ltd. Head-hunted by Stick Sports to be their cto as they transitioned from creating web games to mobile games. Planned and implemented the companys strategy with the managing Director. Led the development of a number of games and provided technical advice and support on all other projects. Prototyped new game ideas for assessment of their commercial viability. Recommended and managed the companys transition from Flash/Air to Unity for in-house game development through the hiring and training of the new development team and by leading new projects on the Unity platform.

Managed the technical quality of projects that were outsourced to a team in pakistan through technical and code reviews. Primary technologies were Unity3D (c objective-c, java, c, flash air, php, sql, html and javascript. Technical Architect at Brighttalk ltd. Brighttalk provide a rich video streaming platform for live presentations. Developed, with the cto, the architecture for the companys server and client-side applications, changing server applications to a restful api, creating an mvc architecture for php services, and converting critical services to java. Assisted the development Manager on improving the development processes and implementing Agile practices. Trained and mentored junior members of the development team.

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Richard dessay is simply awesome. jesse America, executive producer, king, december 20: I prototyped a new mid-core mobile game. I was the sole engineer and an integral part of the small team developing a new mobile game concept. Richard is simply a legend. Not only is he an insanely fast and skillful coder, he is also design-minded, solving problems smartly and independentlyhe will be sorely missed and I cannot recommend Richard highly enough. Florian ziegler, Studio design lead, king. Richards ability to write and modify code really fast were incredible assets that allowed the team to move to a pace that would have been impossible otherwise.

agile developer resume

January 2018: Prototyping a new mobile game with an independent game designer. We created a prototype that the designer is using to gain funding for the project. October 2016 - november 2017: I prototyped multiple ideas for a new Call of Duty mobile game. When we started I was the sole engineer and an integral part of the very fishing small team developing the game concept. I left when the prototype was completed and the company recruited a permanent team to take the game forward. I love this man! Richard created our first prototype: in the morning he arrived at the king offices and we had nothing but documentation, in the evening we had our very first playable. Richard is an amazing listener and a smart developer - he will build it to spec if you want, but his broad experience allows him to also think with you and offer alternative solutions.

though busy junctions, asteroid storms and wars, and trying to stay out of trouble, mostly. I have written the first draft of a new feature-length screenplay. I presented a session at the develop conference in Brighton called Lessons I learnt was a choreographer and apply as a game designer. 2015-Present: Freelance consultant and engineer for game development. April 20: i am prototyping ideas for a new mid-core mobile game. I am the sole engineer in a team of three, with the game designer and an artist.

I have prototyped other games with indie developers, creating a minimal product that they can use to raise funding for their game ideas. In game development terms I might be called a generalist but I have depth of knowledge in many areas and i am very good at rapid prototyping. I communicate well and can work well with most individuals and teams. A successful prototype can be developed by me, the game designer, and an artist alone, which means for larger companies an idea can be developed without having to pull people off existing projects and disrupting existing workflows. I have worked with multiple tools and platforms over the years and today my primary tool is Unity. Career History 2015-Present: developing my own projects, i left Stick Sports in January 2015 to develop my own projects. I created and released, freak factory, developed in Unity. It is a game with a unique core mechanic, red designed for children but with universal appeal.

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About me, works, resumé, contact me, personal Profile. I am a game developer and a choreographer with a wide range and depth of experience from a diverse variety of projects. I have been working on-and-off in the games industry since 1994, creating aaa console games, casual and mid-core mobile games, educational games, and museum installations, while also working as a choreographer and a video director, and now i've started writing screenplays too. I divide my time between developing my own projects - games, dances and screenplays - and providing consulting and development services for games companies through full-time or part-time and contracts. My recent consulting work has been prototyping. I have prototyped a number of games for. King, including a new Call of Duty mobile game.

Agile developer resume
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Position: Web developer Location: Tel aviv, israel Send your cover letter and resumé. Resume for Experienced java developer, tech Consultant, web and rest api architect with Spring, Spring Security, hibernate in Delhi ncr).

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  1. Matt specializes in developing.0 software. A full-stack developer, he takes an idea and crafts it into a beautiful product - front. Processes: Agile, scrum, test-Driven-development, yagni, branching developer, release developer, architect Processes: Agile, scrum. Introduced Agile process to development and engineering workflows, increasing productivity and visibility into projects status.

  2. with an agile engineering team to develop a responsive design language and our product team to fundamentally rethink the product. softlayer xen vm management, large mysql databases, configuration management (Puppet Agile /Scrum, jira, newRelic, bitBucket. As a front end developer I worked in a team of developers to create a new website for using Agile methods.

  3. k os windows Server - security - policies- Application Server Weblogic-K. Net-k websphere-k iis-k tomcat-k weblogic agile plm-k. accomplished Software developer professional with extensive hands on skills and experience ranging from leading and performing Software.

  4. import extension to a t-based faculty and graduate student resumé database system, reducing time required for on-site data entry. various training courses covering the following topics: Agile, magneto, magento 2, javascript, Angularjs, tdd, advanced css and Drupal. I am a game developer and a choreographer with a wide range and depth of experience from a diverse variety of projects. I am a programmer and open source developer who is passionate about agile engineering and methodologies.

  5. Role :.Net, developer / Senior. Net, developer (C# t, mvc, javascript/Angular, tdd, webapi). Drop us an e-mail with your cover letter and resumé here Frontend. Developer follow an agile process but we heavily rely on individuals.

  6. Front-end developer through internships or working student jobs Very good html5, css3 and possibly sass, bem, twitter bootstrap. Job Tags: agile, automation, developer, groovy, microsoft, Orchestrator, and powershell. Full-Time outSystems, developer, develop applications using, agile. Platform to our customers.

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