Viral marketing thesis

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viral marketing thesis

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Anxiety people hate anxiety. If youre writing content that talks about potentially losing out on something, thats one way. People hate losing things they have. See the 1 Conversion Killer in Web Design as an example. Fear fear is one of the biggest motivators on Earth. It targets the reptilian brain, and people cant resist but take action when motivated with fear. Whats an example of fear?

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Something that people cant resist commenting. This can be in the form of a story, a real-life event, or it can also be something as simple as an exhaustive list essay of 101 links to helpful resources. See this Twitter Tips page as an example. Anger When you piss people off, theyll work hard attain justice. Theyll talk about it on Twitter, write blog posts, and more. How can you trigger anger? All you have to do is challenge someones beliefs and its a sure-thing. See the content is King Myth Debunked as an example. (Note, i youth dont recommend you piss people off for fun all the time. Its a bad marketing strategy).

The article also did one other thing though That article also pissed off a bunch assignments of people that have parroted the whole notion of content is king. I successfully invoked anger, and the angered people tried to poke holes in my claims. They wrote follow-up articles (scoring me links left tons of comments (that article has more than 140 comments and shared it with everyone they knew. Now How Can you activate high Arousal Emotions? Once you know what triggers a specific emotion, its easy to. Question is what triggers specific emotions? Let me break it down The 7 High-Arousal Emotions That make your Content Contagious. Its quite simply something remarkable.

viral marketing thesis

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Youve got to think about which emotion you want to target, and hit it perfectly. Since most people learn by example, let me walk you through one example: Example: The content is metamorphosis King Myth Debunked. In that article, i challenged the widely accepted assumption that content is king. I cited research that backed up my claim, and the article took off. Thousands of hits and hundreds of retweets and Facebook likes later, i had a viral piece of content on my hands. Why did it take off? I had data with surprising results. There were some people that were shocked at what I discovered, and thus they had to share it with their friends and colleagues.

They use it get results and remember you for. Now lets talk about high-arousal emotions. How to Activate high-Arousal Emotions, if your content activates a high-arousal emotion, youre set. The likelihood of people sharing and talking about your content will increase drastically, as both Jonah Berger found in his research study, and ive found through personal experience. Whats a high-arousal emotion? For starters, a high arousal emotion can be either positive or negative (both types work). I briefly mentioned some earlier in this article, but heres a more complete list: awe, anger, anxiety, fear, joy, lust, and of course, surprise. But this is where things get a little more complicated. While its simple to activate these emotions, its not easy.

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viral marketing thesis

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What makes content practical? And how can you activate high arousal emotions? How to Prepare Practically Useful Content. When you write an article, and finish the editing process, youre not done. Theres one final step that you must take, and the funny thing is, almost no one does.

You must go through your content, figure out the next actions you want people to take, and finish your article with a section that tells people those next action steps. It seems so simple, but its powerful. Psychologists have long known that people are bad at applying broad concepts to their gawain own lives. Its why people know the 80/20 rule, but rarely implement it in their lives and business. And thats why this simple next action section is so great. You show your readers exactly presentation how to use the content you gave them in their lives.

Think awe, anger, anxiety, or anything related to the fear of loss). Practically useful content gets shared. (That makes sense, right? People like sharing practically useful content to help out their fans and friends). How to Create content That goes Viral.

Now that you have the cliffs notes, the question is, how can you craft contagious content? How can you apply these insights directly to your articles? Well, thats where i come. Social Triggers, after all, is all about breaking down insights from academic research, and showing you how it works for your business. positive uplifting content always gets shared. Remember, theres a lot of unhappy people in the world, and while there are different reasons for being unhappy, content that is uplifting and inspirational helps people get out of their rut even if its only for a few seconds. However, in my opinion, if youre looking to generate traffic for business purposes, youre better off focusing on practically useful content that activates high arousal emotions. It has given me the best results for the last 5 years, and still gives me great results today.

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Hes been featured in many of the prestigious marketing research journals and publications like the wall Street journal, new York times, The Economist and more. So, suffice story it and to say, when he talks or writes, i listen. Most recently, jonah Berger co-authored a research paper with Katy milkman called What makes Online content go viral? And in it, there are insights that you absolutely cant overlook. Heres the highlights:. Positive content is more viral than negative content. When you read the news, youd think that negativity was a must, heh). Content that evoked high arousal emotions—positive or negative—is more viral than content without emotion. (Whats a high-arousal emotion?

viral marketing thesis

And while they may not be aware of it, they know how to push the little traffic buttons on the internet without fail. How do i know this? Because ive done it for years. And until recently, i was never able to explain exactly how I was able to. But today, that all changes. What makes Online content go viral? Theres an assistant professor of marketing at the Wharton School of Business who specializes in discovering what makes ideas and products go viral. Jonah Berger (follow him on Twitter here ).

even though it was assumed to affect. Electronic publications are subject to copyright. The publications can be read freely and printed for personal use. Use for commercial purposes is forbidden. What makes content go viral? Its a tough question, but when you look around, theres some people who are able to craft contagious content every single time. Do they know something you dont? The answer is Yes!

This study aims to find out how humanitarian non-profit organizations can best use social media, more precisely facebook and Twitter, for fundraising. Additionally, this study focuses on finding out donors motivations for donating to emergency relief campaigns in social media. Theoretical framework has been conducted after approaching theories in four areas: social media, viral marketing, donor behavior and npos marketing. Case study research has been chosen as a research method for this study in order to provide comprehensive results from this quite new phenomenon. Data was collected through semi-structured qualitative interviews and quantitative questionnaire, which gathered 384 answers. Also observation was done for Facebook and Twitter profiles of interviewed npos. Thematic data analysis was used for analyzing the interviews. Results suggest that Finnish humanitarian non-profit organizations already are well aware how to utilize social media for fundraising purposes.

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School of Business department of Marketing and Management marketing 2010. Thesis number: 12355, humanitarian non-profit organizations marketings effects on donor behavior paper in social media. Author: Lassila, hannareeta, title: Humanitarian non-profit organizations marketings effects on donor behavior in social media. Year: 2010, language: eng, department: Department of Marketing and Management, academic subject: Marketing. Index terms: markkinointi; marketing; non profit; non-profit organizations; kolmas sektori; informal economy; sosiaalinen media; social media; kuluttajakäyttäytyminen; consumer behaviour. Pages: 107, full text: key terms: social media; viral marketing; donor behavior; non-profit organizations; social networking site; sosiaalinen media; viraalimarkkinointi; lahjoittajakäyttäytyminen; voittoatavoittelemattomat organisaatiot; sosiaaliset yhteisöt. Abstract: humanitarian non-profit organizations marketings effects on donor behavior.

Viral marketing thesis
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Hlinko suggests focusing on three key components that he calls the. These include Introduction to, marketing, viral, marketing and Unconscious Processes in Consumer Behavior.

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  1. Podcast: viral, media: Hows and Whys Master s thesis by sonny sidhu. M., comparative media studies, 2013 keywords: aesthetics, culture, design, games, marketing, video games. Hlinko 89 Shares His Knowledge of Effective.

  2. I love thesis and use your information all the time! Content that evoked high arousal emotions—positive or negative—is more viral than content without emotion. You are here: Home / Archives for. Thesis, framework articles and blog posts include the latest advice, news and information from the team at Web savvy.

  3. Viral marketing is an incredibly risky proposition, and for every hit there tends to be 99 misses. Get smart with the. Thesis, wordPress Theme from diythemes.

  4. (nyse: jcp) today announced the launch of 8220;Beware of the doghouse, 8221; a viral marketing campaign that all. The division of Communications and. Marketing, or dcm, provides strategic communications and marketing leadership for Kansas State University. Social media; viral marketing ; donor behavior; non-profit organizations; social networking site; sosiaalinen media; viraalimarkkinointi; lahjoittajakäyttäytyminen; voittoatavoittelemattomat organisaatiot; sosiaaliset yhteisöt.

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