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esempio di business plan bar

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If youd prefer teaching dance and exercise classes, you could get a jazzercise franchise for anywhere from 3,000 to 33,000. If you dont want to deal in food or dance, you might want to buy a dating service. The right One franchises go for an initial investment of 100,000 to 250,000, depending on location. 143 In addition to your initial investment, youll have to pay two other fees on a monthly basis—a royalty fee (typically from 3 to 12 percent of sales) for continued support from the franchiser and the right to keep using the companys trade name, plus. Youll also be expected to buy your products from the franchiser. 144 Why do would-be business owners like franchises? For one thing, buying a franchise lets you start up under fairly safe conditions, with a proven model for running a company and a permanent support team. You can profit from name recognition without having to develop your own image in the marketplace, and you can be your own boss (as long as you comply with the standards set by the franchiser).

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Franchises employ eight million people and account for 40 percent of all retail sales in this country. The Growth of Franchising, 19802004, in addition to the right to use a companys brand name and sell its products, the franchisee gets help in picking a location, starting and operating the business, and advertising. In effect, youve bought a prepackaged, ready-to-go business thats proven successful elsewhere. You also get ongoing support from the franchiser, which has a vested interest in your success. Not surprisingly, these advantages dont come einstein cheaply. Franchises can be very expensive, usually depending on the amount of business that a franchisee is expected. Kfc franchises, for example, require a total investment.1 million.7 million each. This fee includes the cost of the property, equipment, training, start-up costs, and the franchise fee —a one-time charge for the right to operate as a kfc outlet. McDonalds is in the same price range (950,000.8 million). Subway sandwich shops are more affordable, with expected total investment ranging from 80,000 to 310,000.

You might inherit employees that you wouldnt have hired yourself. Finally, what if the previous owners set up a competing business that draws away their former—and your current—customers? Lastly, you can buy a franchisefranchiseForm of business ownership in which a franchiser (a seller) grants a franchisee (a buyer) the right to use a brand name and to sell its products or services. Under this setup, a franchiser (the company that sells the franchise) grants the franchisee (the buyer—you) the right to use a brand name and to sell its goods or services. Franchises market products in a variety of industries, including food, retail, hotels, travel, real estate, business services, cleaning services, and even weight-loss centers and wedding services. There are thousands of franchises, many of which are quite familiar—subway, mcDonalds, 7-Eleven, holiday inn, budget Car Rental, radioShack, and Jiffy dom lube. As you can see from Figure.9, The Growth of Franchising, 19802004, franchising has become an extremely popular way to do business. A new franchise outlet opens once every eight minutes in the United States, where one in twelve businesses is now a franchise.

esempio di business plan bar

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Buying an assignments Existing Business, if you decide to buy an existing business, some things will be easier. Youll already have a proven product, current customers, active suppliers, a known location, and trained employees. Youll also find it much easier to predict the businesss future success. There are, of course, a few bumps in this road to business ownership. First, its hard to determine how much you should pay for a business. You can easily determine how much things like buildings and equipment are worth, but how much should you pay for the fact that the business already has steady customers? In addition, a business, like a used car, might have performance problems that you cant detect without a test drive (an option, unfortunately, that you dont get when donation youre buying a business). Perhaps the current owners have disappointed customers; maybe the location isnt as good as it used.

We will expand on this important topic of idea generation and creativity in other chapters. As weve already seen, you can become a small business owner in one of three ways—by starting a new business, buying an existing one, or obtaining a franchise. Lets look more closely at the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Starting from Scratch, figure.8. The most common—and the riskiest—option is starting from scratch. This approach lets you start with a clean slate and allows you to build the business the way you want. You select the goods or services that youre going to offer, secure your location, and hire your employees, and then its up to you to develop your customer base and build your reputation. This is the path taken by dean Kamen when he formed a company to design and market the segway, and also by tom Anderson and Chris dewolfe when they started myspace. Of course, for every kamen, Anderson, and dewolfe, there are hundreds of individuals whose venture into business was unsuccessful.

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esempio di business plan bar

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His meeting with the owner-operators of the original Starbucks Coffee. Resulted in his becoming part-owner of the company, and changed his life and the life of coffee lovers forever. Schultzs vision for the company far surpassed that of its other owners. While they wanted Starbucks to remain small and local, Schultz saw potential for a national business that not only sold world-class-quality coffee beans but also offered customers a european coffee-bar experience. After attempting unsuccessfully to convince his partners to try his experiment, Schultz left Starbucks and started his own chain of coffee bars, which he called Il giornale (after an Italian newspaper). Two years later, he bought out the original owners and reclaimed the name Starbucks. 141, other people come up with business ideas because of hobbies or personal interests.

This was the case with nike founder Phil Knight, who was an avid runner. He was convinced that it was possible to make high-quality track for shoes that cost less than the european shoes dominating the market at the time. His track experience, coupled with his knowledge of business (Knight holds an mba from Stanford and worked as an accountant inspired him to start nike. Michael Dell also turned a personal interest into a business. From a young age, he was obsessed with taking computers apart and putting them back together again, and it was this personal interest that led to his great business idea. At college, instead of attending classes, he spent his time assembling computers and, eventually, founded Dell Computers.

In coming up with a business idea, dont ask, what do we want to sell? But rather, What does the customer want to buy? 139, to come up with an innovative business idea, you need to be creative. The idea itself can come from various sources. Prior experience accounts for the bulk of new business ideas.

Many people generate ideas for industries theyre already working. Past experience in an industry also increases your chances of success. Take sam Walton, the late founder of Wal-Mart. He began his retailing career at jcpenney and then became a successful franchiser of a ben Franklin five-and-dime store. In 1962, he came up with the idea of opening large stores in rural areas, with low costs and heavy discounts. He founded his first Wal-Mart store in 1962, and when he died thirty years later, his familys net worth was 25 billion. 140, industry experience also gave howard Schultz, a new York executive for a housewares company, his breakthrough idea. In 1981, Schultz noticed that a small customer in seattle—Starbucks Coffee, tea and Spice—ordered more coffeemaker cone filters than Macys and many other large customers. So he flew across the country to find out why.

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After making these decisions, youll be ready to vietnamese take the most important step in the entire process of starting a business: you must describe your future business in the form of a business planbusiness planFormal document describing a proposed business concept, description of the proposed. Think of a business plan as a blueprint for a proposed company: it shows how you intend to build the company and how you intend to make sure that its sturdy. You must also take a second crucial step before you actually start up your business: you need to get financing—the money from individuals, banks, or both, that youll need to get your business off the ground. (Obviously, if you already have the necessary funds, youre one of the fortunate few who can skip this step.). The business Idea, for some people, coming up with a great business idea is a gratifying adventure. For most, however, its a daunting task. The key to coming up with a business idea is identifying something that customers want—or, perhaps more importantly, filling an unmet need. Your business will probably donation survive only if its purpose is to satisfy its customers —the ultimate users of its goods or services.

esempio di business plan bar

Do i want to start a youth business that I can operate out of my home? Do i want to run a business thats similar to many existing businesses? Do i want to innovate—to create a new product or a new approach to doing business? Do i want to start a new business, buy an existing one, or buy a franchise? Do i want to start the business by myself or with others? What form of business organization do i want? Do i want to own the business myself, or do i want to work with other owners—say, as a partnership or a corporation?

business. If youre interested in starting a business, you need to make decisions even before you bring your talent, determination, hard work, and persistence to bear on your project. Here are the basic questions youll need to address: What, exactly, is my business idea? What type of business is right for me? What industry do i want to get into? Do i want to be a manufacturer, a retailer, or a wholesaler? Do i want to provide professional or personal services?

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Esempio di business plan bar
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