Personal injury legal assistant resume

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personal injury legal assistant resume

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Also briefed and won summary judgment in three medical malpractice cases in which plaintiffs sought awards in the hundreds of thousands. Successfully briefed one of these cases through the fourth Circuit court of Appeals. Briefed, argued and won dismissal of another serious medical malpractice case after exposing discovery fraud. Obtained defense verdicts in two personal injury trials and one criminal assault trial as sole trial attorney. Despite lack of military law division at firm, was sought out to defend Air Force client in high profile rape and attempted murder case that was ultimately dropped, clearing client.  Continued accepting invitations to speak, and provide training, at military defense attorney conferences.

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Practice founded on pledge to provide proven trial skills, military knowledge, experienced representation and straightforward advice to members plan of all military branches stationed around the dissertation world. Senior litigation associate, july 20Yates, McLamb weyher,. L.P., raleigh, north Carolina. Senior litigation associate in medical malpractice division of this insurance defense law firm. Trial and appellate practice before all North Carolina State and Federal courts. Large majority of civil defense practice focused on medical malpractice defense, while also engaging in some general liability tort defense. Lawsuits primarily involved multimillion-dollar medical claims resulting in complex, expert intensive litigation of medical issues. Representative issues included wrongful death, catastrophic birth injury, surgical complications and medical management of serious disease processes. Responsible for all aspects of cases through mediation, trial and appeal. Nearly 100 cases defended, including co-counsel.5 million wrongful death case; awarded defense jury verdict. Briefed, argued and won summary judgment as lead counsel in 3 million personal injury case.

Returned to true calling of exclusively defending military members facing courts-martial and all types of military adverse actions. Years of trial experience as a military prosecutor and military defense attorney, as well as state and federal trial attorney. Represents and defends members of all military branches note worldwide in all manner of military adverse actions including courts-martial, post-trial clemency, post-trial appeals, administrative discharges/separations, meb/peb, feb, promotion denials, performance report appeals, security clearance issues, correction of military records (bcmr ig complaints, administrative punishments and other. Extensive experience and success in defending clients in complex military criminal trials involving the most serious offenses and media exposure, to include murder, rape, sexual assault, drug offenses, computer crimes, larceny, fraud, conduct unbecoming, military academy offenses, war crimes and offenses within combat zones, senior. Has defended military clients stationed around the globe; includes across the United States (conus hawaii, japan, korea, turkey, germany, europe, qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan and includes clients engaged in combat operations in the middle east. Invited speaker on military trial defense issues at numerous military defense counsel conferences since 1997; includes Area defense counsel and Circuit Defense conferences 1997-present. Topics include defending high profile/media cases, defending complex trials, working with experts, military interrogation tactics and false confessions, preparing trial strategy and case file, defending against military sex offense allegations and working with civilian defense counsel. Military defense law practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of our nations military members and to aggressively defending them against the adverse actions they face.

personal injury legal assistant resume

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Media appearances, past cases and/or clients have appeared in, or been covered by, regional, national and thesis international print and television news media. This includes the Associated Press, cnn, fox News, abc, nbc, cbs, sean Hannity, time magazine,. News and World Report, The middle east Times, The wall Street journal, new York times, los Angeles Times, washington Post, denver Post, san Antonio express News, usa today, military times, Stars stripes, and a nonfiction book. Served as military legal expert consultant for media outlets, including the Associated Press. Speaking engagements, invited speaker at civilian and military defense attorney professional conferences. Presentation topics have included defending high profile/media cases, defending complex criminal trials, utilizing and working with expert consultants and expert witnesses, attacking police interrogation tactics and false confessions, preparing trial strategy and defense case file, defending against military rape and sex offense allegations and military. Civilian legal practice military defense, july 2003 to Present. Military defense law metamorphosis Offices of Richard. Left successful civil litigation practice at respected North Carolina law firm to establish own military defense law practice in 2003.

Fitness Trainer Resume Example by, great Resume fast, related Posts. Practice emphasis, military law, complex Trial Defense litigation, court-Martial Trial Defense, media cases and Consultation, military Adverse Administrative actions. Specialized experience, beyond conventional military justice cases, also experienced with cases arising out of combat, alleged war crimes, cases involving elite special operations assets and missions, special forces assets, and cases involving classified information and national security issues, closed trial sessions and government assertions. Defense of special military cases, as described above, have included the successful defense of an Army officer accused of soliciting the murder of al-qaeda terrorist insurgents in the Triangle of death in Iraq in 2005.  In 2008, successfully defended an Army small kill team (S.K.T.) leader accused of murdering an al-qaeda terrorist insurgent in Iraq after a firefight.  In 2009, successfully defended an Air Force officer accused of intentionally violating nuclear security protocols.  In 2011, successfully defended elite special operations nco accused of steroid possession and use in theater. Classified information addressed in past cases has included stealth technology, nuclear security, rules of engagement for use of deadly force against enemy forces in Middle east combat, and elite special operations missions to kill or capture high value targets (HVTs) in Iraq, Afghanistan and surrounding.

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personal injury legal assistant resume

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Fitness Trainer Resume Statements, expertise in exercise programs, circuit training, core training, positioning, posture and injury prevention. Create tailored fitness programs and exercises for individuals based on the height, weight, gender and current level of fitness. Acknowledged for designing new balanced diet program that allowed carbohydrates and reasonable calories while still resulting in weight loss. Extensive experience managing workout facilities, health clubs and private gyms. Hire, schedule, resume train and supervise staff members that are responsible for providing assistance to clients, maintaining facilities and teaching classes.

Designed and taught circuit / aerobics class to intermediate level students. Developed running programs for marathon runners that resulted in at least 10 time reduction for all 10 runners. Strong knowledge of usage and maintenance of free weights, statement machine weights, bikes, elliptical and treadmills. Collaborate with physical therapists to design and execute individual programs that increase fitness and decrease injury recovery times. More Specialty and Professional Resume Examples.

There was no corroborating evidence as to this version of the facts). Here you will find a resume for a professional fitness trainer with business administration and management experience.  The document is a good reference for people in the health, diet, athletics or coaching fields. This resume uses a career profile heading with a headline statement that highlights years of experience in Fitness Management. A summary paragraph is written below the headline. The summary highlights experience in marketing, client relationships, program development, talent acquisition and personal training.

The resume uses a relevant experience section to focus on responsibilities related to the fitness profession. Bullet point statements identify quantified accomplishments that underscore success at each position. These achievements include decreasing employee turnover, improving accounting practices and restructuring payroll. The training and education section includes: Personal Training Program, management Studies Program and multiple related certifications. Fitness Trainer Resume Example page. Fitness Trainer Resume Example download pdf.

Personal Injury paralegal Resume personal Injury

Inside Information: When the table jury announced a verdict had been reached, there was no award at all for. Meccas loss of services and society. Plaintiffs counsel immediately argued that this was inconsistent since the jury found for plaintiff on liability and awarded her substantial past and future damages in all other categories. After some colloquy on the record, the trial judge asked the jurors if they rejected this claim upon which the foreperson told the judge they decided that we didnt have to do separate amounts for plaintiff and her husband. The judge told them they have to separately decide that, he recharged the jury and 20 minutes later they announced a 950,000 verdict for loss of services and society. In his summation, plaintiffs counsel asked the jury to award three to four million dollars for past pain and suffering and for the future an amount at least equal to plaintiffs entire economic loss. Defense counsel focused on his contention that his clients were not at all negligent while suggesting that if the jury were to rule otherwise 100,000 should be awarded for pain and suffering. The defendants argued that plaintiff caused the accident when plaintiff, after having leaned forward in her chair causing its rear legs to come off the ground, then leaned backward as the waitress with the tray walked by and the chair came down on her foot.

personal injury legal assistant resume

The trial judge increased the future medical expense award to 2,200,000 but the appellate court reinstated the 617,000 jury award. The jury also awarded 582,330 for past lost wages and business profits (Ms. Mecca had been earning about 130,000 a year and her business was growing substantially until she was injured) plus 500,000 for the future (14 years). After the trial judge ordered an increase eyeglasses of the future award to 5,000,000, the appellate court reinstated the jury award. Plaintiffs husband presented a claim for the loss of his wifes services and society based upon the virtual loss of his active, vibrant, loving and caring wife. He asserted he now has to bear sole responsibility for caring for, nurturing and guiding their three teen-age sons, faces the prospect of all of the years with his wife after the boys have grown and left home and that the loss of his wifes. The jury awarded loss of services and society damages in the sum of 950,000 (300,000 past, 650,000 future 10 years an amount the trial judge did not disturb and the appellate court affirmed.

the mayo clinic in Minnesota. Although most diagnostic testing (mri, ct, eeg) did not disclose any objective brain injury, a so-called. Spect scan (single-photon emission computerized tomography) showed a pattern of hypoperfusion affecting several areas and significant volume of the brain, consistent with traumatic brain injury. Two defense medical experts contended, though, that  spect studies are generally unreliable and one of them, a neurosurgeon who examined plaintiff, concluded that she had no injury, impairment or disability to her brain and that she has either a psychosomatic conversion reaction or is malingering. Plaintiff claimed she will require substantial medical treatment for the rest of her life, including medications, diagnostic tests, cognitive, physical and other therapies and home health aide services. Her life care plan specialist opined that the cost for all future medical expenses will be 2,200,000. The defense argued that plaintiff required no future medical treatment at all due to the incident. The jury awarded past medical expenses in the sum of 49,000 plus future medical expenses in the sum of 617,000 (36 years).

Here are the injury details: traumatic brain injury (TBI) cerebral hypoperfusion concussion cognitive fatigue and impairment memory loss jamais vu (unfamiliarity with her surroundings) impaired coordination and balance, dizziness, double vision complex partial seizures. C4-5 and C5-6 disc herniations sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and sexual difficulties can no longer drive a car, take a vacation, hike or be intimate with her husband has only about two hours of good time a day, remaining essentially housebound except for medical care. Plaintiff claimed that all of her injuries are permanent, she has not and cannot return to work and she will require lifelong medical treatment. Defendant contended that plaintiff exaggerated her symptoms, malingered and her alleged injuries were nowhere near as serious as she claimed. They also claimed she had significant pre-existing conditions including neck pain for which she (briefly) treated with an acupuncturist, a concussion (12 years earlier) and migraine headaches (associated with her hormonal cycle). A central disagreement between the parties was whether there was sufficient, or any, objective proof of a brain injury. Plaintiff conceded that she had no visible bruises from the incident, there was no loss of consciousness, she remained at the luncheon until it ended and did not seek any medical attention until she was treated briefly at an urgent care center that night. She did, though, follow up nurse with a neurologist two days later complaining of disorientation, confusion, headaches, dizziness and anxiety. She soon began experiencing seizures and over the next three years,.

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On november 7, 2013, paige mecca, a 43 year old owner of a small solar energy company, was struck in the head and neck by a large 40 pound tray of dishes and food dropped by a waitress who lost her balance at a luncheon. The buffalo niagara convention Center, claiming that the convention center was liable for the negligence of its waitress and. Meccas resulting traumatic brain injuries, suit was brought in Supreme court, Erie county. On October 11, 2016, the jury returned a verdict finding the defendant fully at fault for the incident and injuries and awarding plaintiff pain and suffering damages in the sum of 625,000 (250,000 past three years, 375,000 future 36 years). In a post-trial motion,. Mecca filsafat successfully argued that the damages award was inadequate; the t he judge ordered an increase to 3,800,000 (800,000 past, 3,000,000 future). On appeal in, mecca. Buffalo niagara convention Center Management Corp. 2018 the trial judges increase was set aside and jurys pain and suffering award was reinstated.

Personal injury legal assistant resume
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