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blooms book report

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(Miscellaneous) Blooms Today is horrific so very, very disappointed - and angry - with this company. I placed an order on Monday, may 6th (not yesterday, or today - but almost a week ago) for a mother's day delivery in Hawaii. Blooms took my order, took my money and confirmed. Then today - mother's day, a sunday, i get an email cancellation, and a voice mail that says "sorry, our florists in that area can't accommodate anymore deliveries on Mother's day. We'll cancel your order and refund your money - within 5-7 business days. You can place a new order if you want it delivered monday.".

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The delivery was over. (Advertising) poor product quality The mother's day flowers were delivered on water time, but the vase was too small, the lillies were brown and the roses were dead in 2 days. Not an acceptable quality. (Miscellaneous) Blooms today-total scam! My fiancé ordered flowers for me for my first Mother's day since my son was born on Friday and also payed for next day delivery. Not only did they charge him hidden fees (a.99 membership fee?) but he did not receive his order the next day, or at all for that matter. They flowers were only.95 and after their fees it came.50. We called customer service but they were closed. I am very angry he got upset he thinks he ruined Mother's day. They charged our debit card and from other reviews we can only assume we not be receiving our order at all. Tomorrow we plan.

(Miscellaneous) blooms today rip off i ordered two flowers to be delivered on Mother's day/ One to each daughter in law; no vase. The story flowers were.99, but I was charged.96 for each flower delivery including the.99 flowers. They were small and certainly not worth.96. I should have read these reviews before ordering. I would like the city they are in to write the better Business Bureau. Can you help me get the city and state? I never saw the price of delivery on my order.

blooms book report

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Their customer writing service informed me that they would "for sure" get a floral arrrangement to the funeral. The customer service agent offered a 50 discount because of the mistake. They failed to keep their promise and cancelled the order altogther 1/2 hour before the service. I would never recommend them and will warn my friends not to order from Blooms Today. (Miscellaneous) Horrible i ordered flowers for a funeral service an was informed an hour before the service that they could not be delivered. Even notice a day earlier would have allowed me to find a replacement. I had ordered an arrangement for a price 100 and had been informed the day before that the exact arrangement was not available and I said they could substitute a similar arrangement. Customer service was apologetic but I cannot ever recommend or use this company.

(Shopping, Chain Stores beware! The order for my granddaughters birthday was place at 0500 this morning for same day delivery. At 1630 that same evening I was notified that there was no one available to make a same day delivery at their location ( eleven hours later leaving me without the ability to find someone who could). If you can not meet the service that was paid for you need to let the customer know as soon as possible. My card was charged in minutes but I have been on hold for hours to get a refund. (Miscellaneous blooms Today aka floral Disaster, blooms Today failed to deliver an arrangement for a funeral visitation. They state in their ads that accompany obituary notices that they guarantee same day service.

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blooms book report

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I checked shortly after 5:00 pm and the order still had not been received. I called customer service again and at this point they were unable to check the status of my order because that. (Miscellaneous) another disappointed customer of Blooms Today. Ordered an arrangement yesterday to be delivered today. Just received a love call at 4:58PM that they could not find a florist in Durham, nc to fill the order. If I had heard back sooner I could have called someone else to get the flowers there today, but at closing time? I'm so angry and disappointed because this was a special occasion.

I would not use them again. (Miscellaneous horrible service blooms today! I ordered a bouquet of flowers to be delivered as a surprise for a beloved's 50th birthday and it was not delivered. At first, they claimed the address was wrong, even though it wasn't and yet, no one had the decorum to call me back to inform me despite the fact that I was billed for the service and told it was delivered. If I didn't ask the celebrant, my money would not have been refunded until I demanded for. I gave them another chance by reordering another bouquet to the same person for valentine's day, making sure that the address was fully correct.

They didn't offer us anything as compensation. Oh well, we are done with Blooms Today today. Will follow up to make sure we are refunded. (Delivery services blooms Today undelivered Order, i ordered Balloons and a teddy bear to be delivered to my nephews girlfriend who just had their 1st baby. I paid extra for same day delivery and was also charged for Sunday delivery and my order was never received.

The customer service rep told me she would cancel my order and asked if I would like to re-order for home delivery and my answer, a big fat no! Why would anyone re-order with a company who screwed up the 1st time?! I will be taking my business elsewhere! Undelivered order, i ordered flowers on the Friday before memorial day to be delivered on Saturday. On Saturday afternoon I checked to see if the flowers had been received. I called Blooms Today customer service and the voice mail said the department was closed for the day. I selected the option to order flowers and they answered. They were able to check the order and told me it would be delivered by 5:00.

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Called relative on Friday-no delivery filsafat yet. Called Blooms Friday 26th. Told they ran out of flowers. Asked why we were not notified. Cs dis not reply. Asked us if we wanted our card to be credited. Then posted the experience on their Face-book page. Checked to find it had disappeared. Then rec'd email restaurant with an apology.

blooms book report

I will tell all my friends and you that don"t already know about their unacceptable service. Their email said I will be credited in 5 to dreams 7 days? Come on it's 2015. (Internet - sponsored by direcpath). Done with Blooms Today today. Maybe i'm too old to get upset. Nevertheless, we placed an order last Sunday to be delivered on Monday.

not order online. I have used 3 different online floral companies, Blooms being the latest, and they all failed to deliver in the time promised. (Delivery services blooms Today- no delivery, i ordered flowers from them 2 days before a funeral. I was informed an 1-1/2 hours after the funeral via email that they would not be able to deliver the flowers to that zip code. I would have contacted someone else to make sure that they could deliver them to the service. I will never order from them again! They should have not taken the order if you could not supply the product!

These businesses need to thesis find someone else to do business with! Offer a 20 discount for the inconvenience? (Delivery services over priced flowers with horrendous delivery charges and oh yeah, the sell identity insurance at the end of your order! Boy just keep looking and don't give them a call! Do yourself a favor and go on line to find a local florist in the area where you want to send your flowers! I was charged.99 for express service i didn't know I was paying for! The rep asked me if I wanted the flowers delivered by noon and I said, " Sure!" When we got to check out she glossed over all of the fees and gave me a total. Unknowingly i thought most of the money was for the flowers!

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Welcome to measuredup, we are the online leader in resolving customer complaints. Customers use measuredUp to get replies from Businesses * Thousands of Businesses across the country are partnered with us * Businesses of all sizes follow measuredUp everyday to reply directly to your review * Partner Businesses are alerted each time global a new complaint, question. Put measuredUp to work for you free and get answers directly from a business. Funeral flowers, this company is not reptable! Do not do business with them! Ordered flowers for a funeral and over 24 hours later told me an a email they could not deliver in time! There prices are beyond outrageous!

Blooms book report
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