My favourite food is biryani essay

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Wild Turkey (50.5, ob, straight rye). Nose: once again, no big talker when undiluted. Whiffs of beer, mash, oak and leather. With water: more mash, boiled cereals, beer Its as if water did set its age back to 2yo. Notes of malt (seriously). Mouth (neat its a little smoother than the rittenhouse but its still a beast.

My favourite food biryani essay

Nose: more spirity and punchy, rawer than the first three, much less complex. Damp wood leave and something slightly meaty (ham). This is strange because a 21yo that I had last year was much more emphatic. With water: not the same development as with the michters. Maybe a slight meatiness and a certain roastedness plus hints of crystallised oranges. Mouth (neat more straight pleasure than with the michters, all this is more rounded and polished even if hansel the oak is still big. Notes of kirsch, green tea, banana skin. With water: water works well on the palate this time, the fruits are back. Finish: long, balanced between the oak and the rye. Some mint and liquorice, especially in the aftertaste. Sgp:441 - 80 points.

A lot of cinnamon and green tea, im sure you see what I mean. The ryes fruitiness is almost absent. With water: its the oak and the tannins that have the say short now. Water doesnt work as beautifully s on the nose Im afraid. Finish: not short but maybe too drying and tannic. Comments: the best part is on the nose when diluted down. Rittenhouse (100 us proof 50, ob, straight rye). A pennsylvania style rye says the back label.

my favourite food is biryani essay

My favourite food essay

Michters 10 yo (46.4, ob, batch 7, Straight rye). Nose: less expressive than the sazerac despite a slightly higher strength. More orange cake and overripe plums. Also less oak even if it gets a tad dusty paper after a few minutes. Maybe it needs water to wake up? With water: water works very well, to the point where it starts to resemble the sazerac. Banana, mint, light toffee, vanilla, even a little bacon, liquorice. Mouth (neat a rawer whiskey indeed, rather tannic at first sipping.

More mint after a while as well as a little eucalyptus. Keeps getting nicer over time and easily leaves the Classic Cask behind now. Mouth: rich, oily, much fatter than the Classic Cask, with the cursor more towards the wood than towards the fruitiness. That means more spices, cinnamon, cloves, maybe cardamom. A little black tea (tannins). Notes of strawberry drops blinking on and off. Finish: long, with even more tannins and notes of coconut milk. A tad green in the aftertaste (capsicum?) Comments: excellent despite the slightly heavy oakiness (according to Scottish standards).

Essay my favourite food

my favourite food is biryani essay

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A mix of strawberries, bitter oranges and tinned pineapples, all that coated with vanilla and caramel. Quite some pepper from the oak in the background (white pepper) and touches of cloves. Just a little cinnamon. Finish: medium long, unexpectedly earthy now with the rye glowing in the aftertaste (strawberry drops). Comments: what can I say? Sgp:520 - 84 points. (please do not take too seriously).

Sazerac 18 yo 1984/2002 (45, ob, inner kentucky straight rye). Nose: punchier than the Classic Cask but also more directly varnishy at first nosing. Also more oak and notes of dried bananas. The rest is closer to the Classic Cask, with some coconut, vanilla and ginger. Toffee, even vanilla fudge.

Annette peacock and, paul Bley doing,. Joy (that was on the duo's 'revenge' album, 1971). Or when synthesizers were bringing true madness to music. Please buy annette peacok and paul Bley's music. October 13, 2009, tasting seven american ryes, warning, Im completely inexperienced regarding these kinds of whiskeys.

Ill post impressions and even dare add ratings (!) but in no way they should be taken as judgements. Theyre just there to reflect the preferences of a (almost) total and eternal newbie in these matters. Thanks for your understanding. Please read the above lines once again, and then you may read the following. The Classic Cask 15 yo 1984/1999 (45, ob, kentucky straight rye, batch RW101). Nose: all on soft sweet oak at first nosing, vanilla, a little coconut, just touches of ginger and something that would remind me of some middle-aged rum. Also hints of overripe strawberries and plum jam. Very nice, maybe just a tad dusty in the background (slightly chalky). Mouth: quite some oak at first, then the ryes fruitiness bursting on your palate.

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;- it seems that the good people at The GlenWonka were plain amateurs, they didnt even think of issuing a vintage-alike bottling as mesmerising as the new Macallan 1824. 1824, of course, is the number of decanters within the release. Brilliant, a true stroke of genius! Okay, the distillery was also founded in 1824. The, moodie report adds that the recommended retail price is 1,450, and that Jim Murray gave it a score.5 (sic the highest ever score for any single malt whisky. The 2009 release is bottled at 48abv and drawn exclusively from sherry seasoned Spanish oak casks. wf takes this opportunity to announce that we could put our hands on The GlenWonkas old archives, where we found this stunning albeit aborted project of a glenWonka 763 replica, supposed to be barley al-kohl distilled in Persia (ha, relocations!) It is very sad that. Recommended listening: more 'elliptic' (or at least very unusual) music with the fabulous.

my favourite food is biryani essay

Sounds weird but its very pleasant in fact. With water: once again, water works very well, even if not as spectacularly as on the nose. More liquorice and a few leathery notes. More cassis jelly, more pepper. Finish: long, more on peppered chocolate and raspberry liqueur. Just a faint tannicity. The chocolaty/tannic notes still are below my limits, despite the old age argumentative of this mucho olorosoed Glendronach. Sgp:561 - 90 points. Short ramblings (too long for Twitter!

certain circles ;-). Goes on with a fifty-fifty combination of red fruitiness (raspberries first) and light meatiness (rather ham, bacon the whole being rather clean but also maybe not immensely expressive. With water: explodes with many fresh fruits, blood oranges, mangos, raspberries and many other ones. Enters another, higher dimension, with something thats usually more to be found in very old peaties. And quite some nutmeg and dried cardamom. Mouth (neat very nice attack, rather more unusual than on the nose. Red fruits and medicinal notes? Raspberry and cassis jellies mixed with cough syrup (pine resin, eucalyptus) and pepper?

Mouth (neat sweet, raw, overripe apple coated with some sort of vanilla and marshmallow sauce (!) plus quite some green tea (tannins). Hmm With water: its inventory better but still raw and very simple. Mixed eau-de-vie (tutti frutti oh Rudy). Finish: rather long but a bit raw and immature. Comments: neither really bad nor flawed but utterly boring in my opinion. Austria, russia and the balkans deserve better whisky. Sgp:341 - 72 points. Glendronach 37 yo 1972/2009 (53.3, ob for LMdw, oloroso sherry butt, cask 705, 275 bottles).

My favorite food, essay

Hi, you're in the Archives, October 2009 - part. October 14, 2009, tasting two glendronach, glendronach 16 yo 1979/1996 (58.1, Scotch Malt Whisky society, english 96.6, Scents from Austria, russia and the balkans). A funny teaser on this old one! Maybe a mix of Sachertorte, vodka and gunpowder? Something to do with 1914? Nose: punchy and rather raw and spirity, esthery and indeed a tad sulphury (gunpowder indeed, gas). More and more sulphur Aargh With water:. Vase water and damp wood. Improves a bit over time but never quite gets there.

My favourite food is biryani essay
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