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essay on role of advertisement

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Advantages, the international marketer should be aware that advertising possesses both strengths and weaknesses relative to other forms of promotion. Arguably advertisings main advantage over other forms of promotion is its ability to cost-effectively reach a very large, geographically dispersed target audience. Let us say that a large, global consumer products firm like colgate-palmolive is planning on introducing a new brand of toothpaste worldwide. A good way to cost effectively promote the new product to the target audience would be to advertise in a general interest news magazine sold and read in many regions and countries of the world, such as Time. This media vehicle is produced in several editions each week—with each edition created for and distributed in a specific region of the world. Advertisers can, as Colgate-palmolive would likely want to do with its new toothpaste, purchase advertisements in each edition of Time. Running a half page ad in each edition for three weeks—say one week prior to and two weeks after product introduction— would cost the company a total of approximately us740,000.

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Advertising is nonpersonal in that it is not, like personal selling, customized according to the needs, wants, and expectations of individual message recipients. Instead, advertising is typically standardized in that the vast majority of persons seeing and/or hearing any one advertisement receive the exact same message. When most people think of advertising, what usually first comes to mind are celebrity endorsers, music, and highly creative, attention-grabbing imagery and catchphrases. However, successful advertising entails far more than this. Marketers wishing to effectively—and efficiently—communicate through advertising must first know their target audience and then, typically with the assistance of advertising agencies, carefully choose which media resume types and vehicles to employ. They, along with their ad agencies, then create messages that not only grab the attention of the target audience but, eventually, inform and/or persuade them in some desired manner. This is never easy. For the international marketer, performing these challenging tasks is further complicated by the fact that cultural and legal environments often vary significantly from nation to nation. As a result, advertising that works spectacularly in one country may be perceived by the target audience in another nation as irrelevant, ridiculous, and/or offensive. When the latter occurs, not only have international advertisers made themselves look bad; thesis they have, in most cases, also spent a lot of money to.

Government should take steps to check these advertisements so that these businessmen may not cheat the consumers for their own selfish motives. Nowadays businessmen spend more and more money on these aids rather that to improve the quality of the goods. They must not do that. It is a backbone of trade and wide publicity of the goods create demand for the same. Advertising is one of the four primary forms of promotional (or integrated marketing communications) activity employed by marketing organizations to informatively and/or persuasively communicate with consumers and other targeted audiences. Advertising differs from other major forms of promotional activity (i.e., personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations) in that it is a paid, non-personal form of communication typically transmitted through mass media (e.g., television, the internet, radio, newspapers, magazines, and billboards). It is paid in that when a marketer, for example, places a full-page ad in Businessweek or runs a 30-second television ad during a broadcast of 60 Minutes, the sponsor/marketer pays the media organization for the space write or time used to promote itself or its.

essay on role of advertisement

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They are advantageous both for consumers and producers. Producers also earn a lot of money by spending on advertisements. Models too earn a lot of money by acting in the advertisements. Sometimes first class goods lose their value without advertisements and sometimes goods advertised as best often do not prove worth the price they are paid for. Many times it proves a polished way of cheating the innocent public. Consumers suffer because it adds to the cost of production. On the other retrolisthesis hand alluring and glamorous posters become the cause of accidents at the crossings. They spoil the beauty of walls too.

We see big posters and signboards on the crossings of the roads, at railway station and on the walls of the cities. Sometimes they are seen written and painted on the buses, trains and other vehicles too. Advertisements are made and painted in such an artistic manner that they suddenly attract the customers awards the goods. Nowadays every businessman wants t sponsor every that programme which is very popular. Those who prepare these advertisements are known as Dream Merchants. They represent the most ordinary thing in such an idealistic manner that one can start imaging in the serials and pictures on tv sets, their artistic, scientific and attractive methods of representation hypnotize the public and they buy their products. Advertisement is the main source of income for the newspapers, magazines and television.

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essay on role of advertisement

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We are living in the age of tex advertisements. Wherever we cast glance we see around us advertisements. It plays an important role in the modern world of professional trade and business. Even the smallest or the biggest traders use the techniques to advertise their goods and commodities. Nowadays our world has become very competitive. Everybody wants to be number one in the race of competition. So it proves to be very helpful to traders and businessmen.

Employment column is very helpful to unemployed boys and girls. Matrimonial advertisement also serves the purpose of marriage of the children of parents. Advertisement of missing goods and persons, plots and shops to let or on sale and tutors for children are all very useful and informative. Advertisement has become necessary in every walk of life. Some years ago we used to see these advertisements in the newspapers, cinema-halls, on the walls of the public places and in the magazines, but nowadays tv has made them most important. All the big businessmen are spending money on them very lavishly. Radio sets and transistors are also playing very important role in an advertising the goods.

Those drugs which are the result of new researches are more effective to cure diseases like malaria and. Second, advertisement facilitates consumer choice because of the wide information he has about products. It enables consumers to purchase goods as per their budget requirement and choice. For example to choose between the wide ranges of communication network available, customers refer to the price and quality given in advertisements. Finally, advertisement informs the buyer about the benefits they would get when they purchase a particular product.

The benefit can be a discount on the price of goods. It helps buyers save money for other uses. The benefit can also be the more effectiveness of a product compare to others. In short, advertisement is a good way to present new devices and items from which buyers can benefit. It also helps us in making responsible choices. Therefore buyers obtain good quality products and save money. Free title page bibliography page proofreading revision 10 days -.95/page7 days -.95/page4 days -.95/page48 hours -.95/page24 hours -.95/page12 hours -.95/page6 hours -.95/page 1 page - 250 words2 pages - 500 words3 pages - 750 words words words words. English_Master, october 17, 2015 no comments, advertisement.

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Nowadays, advertisement is the tool which many companies and enterprises use to inform prospective customers about their products paper and services. Tough advertisement agencies often present only the best side of product; I think that advertisement tells us about new items that may be good for our lives. First, advertisement educates people about new products and their uses. Advertising message about the utility of a product enables the people to widen their knowledge. It is advertising which has business helped people adopting new ways of life and giving-up old habits. It has contributed to the betterment of the standard of living of the society. As an example, pharmaceutical companies use advertisement to present their new drugs.

essay on role of advertisement

From the positive perspective, nobody can deny that advertising allows people to learn more about some new goods and services coming up to the market and can help people save their money. For example, watching advertising in print and media carefully people may have a chance to buy the products they really need with an huge discount, invest money into the new profitable project etc. Moreover, the promotional campaigns play the conspicuous role in creation of diversity of media content we see on tv paying for the right of demonstration new films and shows. After all, uprtou some people who have their own web-sites on the Internet may put banners' on their pages and receive some money increasing their remuneration and so. However, the negative side of advertising should be taken into consideration as well. It is no secrets that all those banners, posters and other kinds of promotion materials try to control people's' minds' and behavior. This is particularly dangerous for young people who cannot resist the offers of new modern goods and spend enormous amount of money in order to seem wealthy and fashionable. To sum up, as we shift from having a market economy to becoming a market society where everything is for sale and market value dominate all sides of our life, advertising, in my opinion, plays rather positive role in people's lives. The point is it should be well-balanced with others aspects of social life; in this case the negative effect will be decreased.

present in the situation with a dazed look on her face and a motionless body. The family aspect doesn't exactly correspond with this particular ad, as a family is not present. With nearly all of the "frame analysis" characteristics satisfied from this one ad, one must assume that although leaps and bounds of efforts have been made by society to free women from stereotypical gender roles, "advertisers are still relying upon their subordination as a tool. Advertising is all around us, it is an unavoidable part of everyone's life, some people say that advertising is a positive part of our lives while others say it is a negative one, discuss both views and include your own opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own life and experience. In today's modern world, advertising plays a significant role in people's lives influencing the minds, and making individuals think in the way the market expects. Some people believe that advertising plays a positive role encouraging an economic development. Others, who disagree, insist that advertising is very aggressive and tries to control people's behavior and style of living.

With my ad, relative size plays a part in which the male is obviously larger than the female and he towers over her petite frame. For feminine touch, the male has a clenched fist on her shoulder and the other hand on a tree. His entire arm is holding her body in its place. This body language says that the male is in charge and takes an aggressive stance over her, while the girl just stands there limply and leaning on the tree. Its as if she would fall over if he weren't there to hold her. For function online ranking, the male is clearly in the managerial position, as he seems to be overpowering her in every way. For licensed withdrawal, the girl featured seems as though she has left her body psychologically for the male counterpart to simply ravish.

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669 Words 3 Pages, gender Role bias in Advertising, gender role bias in advertisements has been so prevalent for so long that the untrained eye wouldn't even discern. All the same, these biases, for the most part, put women in subordinate positions and men in dominant ones. This assumption on both the genders is unfair and demeaning. These story ads portray women as subservient and play toys for men. Not only do the models depict an image nowhere near close to reality, but their bodies are scantily clad and what few clothes they are wearing are very revealing. These roles for females represent what the advertisement industry believe buyers deem as the real world. As Goffman asked What messages about women have been given to society through magazine show more content.

Essay on role of advertisement
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First, government should play a role as a supervisor. Gender role bias in advertisements has been so prevalent for so long that the untrained eye wouldn't even discern.

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  1. Although some advertisements provide a great amount of genuine information for customers, the vast majority of ads contain false details about the products or hide unwanted facts about the products they're promoting. Model ielts advertising essay with extensive notes on essay structure and finding ideas for essays. There are several measures to take to hold the advertisement in check.

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