Future of the european union essay

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future of the european union essay

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In principle, the eu treaties are like any other international agreement, which will usually be interpreted according to principles codified by the vienna convention 1969. 28 It can be amended by unanimous agreement at any time, but teu itself, in article 48, sets out an amendment procedure through proposals via the council and a convention of national Parliament representatives. 29 Under teu article 5(2 the "principle of conferral" says the eu can do nothing except the things which it has express authority. The limits of its competence are governed by the court of Justice, and the courts and Parliaments of member states. 30 As the european Union has grown from 6 to 28 member states, a clear procedure for accession of members is set out in teu article. The european Union is only open to a "European" state which respects the principles of " human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities ". Countries whose territory is wholly outside the european continent cannot therefore apply.

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The european Commission has the initiative to propose legislation. 26 During the ordinary legislative procedure, the council (which are ministers from member state governments) and the european Parliament (elected by citizens) can make amendments and must give their consent for laws to pass. 27 The commission oversees departments and various agencies that execute or enforce eu law. The " European council " (rather than the council, made up of biography different government Ministers) is composed of the Prime ministers or executive presidents of the member states. It appoints the commissioners and the board of the european Central Bank. The european court of Justice is the supreme judicial body which interprets eu law, and develops it through precedent. The court can review the legality of the eu institutions' actions, in compliance with the Treaties. It can also decide upon claims for breach of eu laws from member states and citizens. Treaties edit main article: words Treaties of the european Union The Treaty on European Union (TEU) and the Treaty on the functioning of the european Union (tfeu) are the two main sources of eu law. Representing agreements between all member states, the teu focuses more on principles of democracy, human rights, and summarises the institutions, while the tfeu expands on all principles and fields of policy in which the eu can legislate.

In 2013, Croatia entered the. However a further crisis was triggered after the uk's Conservative government chose to hold a referendum in 2016, and campaigners for "leave" (or "Brexit won.89 per cent of votes on.2 per cent turnout. 20 Constitutional law edit main articles: Constitutional law, uk constitutional law, grundgesetz, constitution of France, and United States constitutional law The european Parliament, elected by eu citizens, makes new laws with the commission and council. 21 to address the eu's " democratic deficit 22 Parliament increasingly assumed more rights in the legislative process. Proposals have not yet been adopted to allow it to initiate legislation, require the commission to be from the parliament, and reduce the power of the court of Justice. 23 Although the european Union filsafat does not have a codified constitution, 24 like every political body it has laws which "constitute" its basic governance structure. 25 The eu's primary constitutional sources are the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the functioning of the european Union, which have been agreed or adhered to among the governments of all 28 member states. The Treaties establish the eu's institutions, list their powers and responsibilities, and explain the areas in which the eu can legislate with Directives or Regulations.

future of the european union essay

The Idea of Europe: From Antiquity to the

Also in 2007, bulgaria and Romania joined. Over 2007 to 2008, because of the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States, and the developing global financial crisis European banks that had invested in derivatives were inventory put under severe pressure. British, French, german and other governments were forced to nationalise or guarantee their banks' debts. In turn, the eurozone crisis developed when international investment withdrew and Greece, spain, portugal, and Ireland saw international bond markets charge unsustainably high interest rates on government debt. Eurozone governments and staff of the european Central Bank believed that it was necessary to save their banks by taking over Greek debt, and impose " austerity " and " structural adjustment " measures on debtor countries. This exacerbated further assignments contraction in the economies. In 2011 two new treaties, the european Fiscal Compact and European Stability mechanism were signed among Eurozone countries.

A newly confident eu then sought to expand. First, the Treaty of Nice 2001 made voting weight more proportionate to population (two Irish referenda rejected, but then accepted this). Second, the euro currency went into circulation in 2002. Third came the accession of Malta, cyprus, Slovenia, poland, the czech Republic, Slovakia, hungary, latvia, estonia, and Lithuania. Fourth, in 2005 a treaty establishing a constitution for Europe was proposed. This "Constitution" was largely symbolic, but was rejected by referenda in France and the netherlands. Most of its technical provisions were inserted into the Treaty of Lisbon 2007, without the emotive symbols of federalism or the word "constitution".

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future of the european union essay

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19 Aside from the european Economic Community itself, the european continent underwent a profound transition towards democracy. The dictators of Greece and Portugal were deposed in 1974, and Spain's dictator died in 1975, enabling their accession in 19In 1979, the european Parliament had its first direct elections, reflecting a growing consensus that the eec should be less a union of member states. The single european Act 1986 increased the number homework of treaty issues in which qualified majority voting (rather than consensus) would be used to legislate, as a way to accelerate trade integration. The Schengen Agreement of 1985 (not initially signed by Italy, the uk, ireland, denmark or Greece) allowed movement of people without any border checks. Meanwhile, in 1987, the soviet Union 's mikhail Gorbachev announced policies of "transparency" and "restructuring" ( glasnost and perestroika ). This revealed the depths of corruption and waste.

In April 1989, the people's Republic of Poland legalised the solidarity organisation, which captured 99 of available parliamentary seats in June elections. These elections, in which anti-communist candidates won a striking victory, inaugurated a series of peaceful anti-communist revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe that eventually culminated in the fall of communism. In november 1989, protestors in Berlin began taking down the berlin Wall, which became a symbol of the collapse of the Iron Curtain, with most of Eastern Europe declaring independence and moving to hold democratic elections by 1991. The Treaty of maastricht 1992 renamed the eec as the " European Union and expanded its powers to include a social chapter, set up a european Exchange rate mechanism, and limit government spending. The uk initially opted out of the social provisions, and then monetary union after the Black wednesday crisis where speculators bet against the pound. Sweden, finland and Austria joined in 1995, but Norway again chose not to after a 1994 referendum, instead remaining part of the european Economic Area, abiding by most eu law, but without any voting rights. At the Treaty of Amsterdam 1997, with a new Labour government, the uk joined the social chapter.

It shared the Assembly and court with the coal and Steel Community, but set up parallel bodies for the council and Commission. Based on the Spaak report of 1956, it sought to break down all barriers to trade in a common market for goods, services, labour and capital, and prevent distortion of competition and regulate areas of common interest like agriculture, energy and transport. 18 A separate treaty was signed for a european Atomic Energy community to manage nuclear production. In 1961 the United Kingdom, denmark, ireland and Norway applied for membership only to be vetoed in 1963 by France's Charles de gaulle. Spain also applied and was rejected as it was still led by the Franco dictatorship.

The same year, the court of Justice proclaimed that the community constituted a "new legal order of international law". 2 The merger Treaty 1965 finally placed the ecsc and Euratom within the eec. Shortly after, de gaulle boycotted the commission, which he believed was pressing supranationalism too far. The luxembourg compromise in 1966 agreed that France (or other countries) could veto issues of "very important national interest particularly relating to the common Agricultural Policy, instead of making decisions by " qualified majority ". But after the may 1968 events in France and de gaulle 's resignation, the way was free for the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark to join in 1973. Norway had rejected joining in a 1972 referendum, while the uk confirmed its membership in a 1975 referendum.

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Its theory was simply that war would be impossibly costly if ownership and production of every country's economy was mixed together. It established an Assembly (now the european Parliament ) to represent the people, a council of Ministers for the member states, a commission as the executive, and a court of Justice to interpret the law. In the east, the soviet Union had installed dictatorial governments, controlling East Germany, and the rest of Eastern Europe. Although Stalin died in 1953 and the new general secretary nikita Khrushchev had denounced him in 1956, 16 soviet tanks crushed a democratic Hungarian revolution of 1956, and repressed every other attempt of its people to win democracy and human rights. The eu evolved from the coal and Steel Community of 6 member states, to a union of 28 member states in 2013. A referendum in the uk.89 to leave,.11 to remain, on.21 taxi turnout in June 2016 led the Prime minister to resign, and left the uk's membership uncertain. 17 In the west, the decision was made through Treaty of Rome 1957 to launch the first European Economic Community.

future of the european union essay

12 World War I devastated Europe's society and economy, and the versailles Treaty failed to establish a workable international system in the league of Nations, any european integration, and imposed punishing terms of reparation payments for the losing countries. 13 After another economic collapse and the rise of fascism led to a second World War, european civil society was determined to create a lasting union to guarantee world peace through economic, social and political integration. To "save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice. Brought untold sorrow to mankind 14 the United Nations Charter was passed in 1945, and the Bretton woods Conference set up a new system of integrated World Banking, finance and trade. Also, the council of Europe, formed by the Treaty of London 1949, adopted a european Convention on Human Rights, overseen by a new transnational court in Strasbourg in 1950. Already in 1946 Winston Churchill, who had been recently defeated as uk prime minister in 1945, had called for a " United States of Europe though this did not mean the uk would sever its ties to the commonwealth. In 1950, the French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman proposed that, beginning letter with integration of French and German coal and steel production, there should be "an organisation open to the participation of the other countries of Europe where "solidarity in production" would make war "not merely. 15 The Treaty of Paris 1951 created the first European coal and Steel Community (ecsc signed by France, west Germany, belgium, the netherlands, luxembourg and Italy, with jean Monnet as its president.

church door of Wittenberg, king Henry viii declared a unilateral split from Rome with the Act of Supremacy 1534, and conflicts flared across the holy roman Empire until the peace of Augsburg 1555 guaranteed each principality. This unstable settlement unravelled in the Thirty years' war (16181648 killing around a quarter of the population in central Europe. The Treaty of Westphalia 1648, which brought peace according to a system of international law inspired by hugo Grotius, is generally acknowledged as the beginning of the nation-state system. Even then, the English civil War broke out and the tensions did not fully end until the Glorious revolution of 1688, by parliament inviting William and Mary of Orange from Holland to the throne, and passing the bill of Rights 1689. In 1693 William Penn, a quaker from London who founded Pennsylvania in North America, argued that to prevent ongoing wars in Europe a "European dyet, or parliament" was needed. 8 The French diplomat, Charles-Irénée castel de saint-pierre, who worked negotiating the Treaty of Utrecht at the end of the war of Spanish Succession proposed, through " Perpetual Union "an everlasting peace in Europe 9 a project taken up by jean-Jacques rousseau, 10 and Immanuel. 11 After the napoleonic Wars and the revolutions of 1848 in the 19th century, victor Hugo at the International peace congress in 1849 envisioned a day when there would be a "United States of America and the United States of Europe face to face, reaching.

Council of the european Union and friendship the, european council. The, commission is the executive branch. The council of the european Union represents member state governments, while the court of Justice is meant to uphold the rule of law and human rights. 4, as the court of Justice said, the eu is "not merely an economic union" but is intended to "ensure social progress and seek the constant improvement of the living and working conditions of their peoples". 5 Contents History edit main articles: History of the european Union, ideas of European unity before 1945, and Enlargement of the european Union Democratic ideals of integration for international and European nations are as old as the modern nation-state. 7 Ancient concepts of European unity were generally undemocratic, and founded on domination, like the Empire of Alexander the Great, the roman Empire, or the catholic Church controlled by the pope in Rome. In the renaissance, medieval trade flourished in organisations like the hanseatic league, stretching from English towns like boston and London, to Frankfurt, stockholm and Riga.

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The eu has a population of 510 million people, the largest combined economy in the world, and a very high rate of human development. A recipient of the 2012 Nobel peace Prize, the eu is committed to " human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights ". 1, european Union law is the system of laws operating within the member states of the. The eu has political institutions and social and economic policies. Court of Justice, the eu represents "a new legal order of international law ". 2, inventory the eu's legal foundations are the. Treaty on European Union and the, treaty on the functioning of the european Union, unanimously agreed by the governments of 28 member states. New states may join the eu, if they agree to operate by the rules of the organisation, and existing members may leave according to their "own constitutional requirements". 3, citizens are able to vote directly in elections to the, parliament, while their national governments operate on behalf of them in the.

Future of the european union essay
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  5. In the wake of the 2009 debt crisis, much debate has arisen around its nature, its powers, its governance and its policies. The Idea of Europe: From Antiquity to the european Union (Woodrow Wilson Center Press) First Edition Edition. New york britain, i believe, had the best of all possible deals with the european Union, being a member of the common market without belonging to the euro and having secured a number of other opt-outs from eu rules. It is not surprising that, after an extensive display of knowledge of various factions of conservatism, the author can make no predictions about the future of conservatism.

  6. Free shipping on qualifying offers. The european Union has established itself as a leading text that provides readers from all disciplines with a sound understanding of the economics and policies of the. The copenhagen Criteria are the rules that define whether a country is eligible to join the european e criteria require that a state has the institutions to preserve democratic governance and human rights, has a functioning market economy, and accepts the obligations and intent. The last decade has been a difficult one for the european Union.

  7. European Union law is the system of laws operating within the member states of the european e eu has political institutions and social and economic policies. According to its court of Justice, the eu represents "a new legal order of internationa. The european Union: Economics and Policies Ali.

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