The gods are not to blame summary

Olympus (Olympos) - home of the gods of Greek mythology

the gods are not to blame summary

Was Jesus a copy of Horus, mithras, Krishna, dionysus and

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Why Rh Negative is not, blood of, gods or of Alien Origin

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Organisers of the event slated for the prestigious Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, on Saturday, said the play was to rekindle peoples interest in Nigerian literatures. According to Mrs doyinsola Odumosu of Mellis Copia, there seemed to be a declining interest among Nigerians, especially the younger generation in indigenous literatures that tell the African story by Africans. Mellis Copia wants to use this play to be staged at the Transcorp Hilton to bring to nigerians the play: The gods are nurse not to be blame, especially to those who did not read the novel. We therefore hope to take our audience, both young and old, on a journey back to ancient Nigeria using the stage play to tell our story, she stated. The initiative, odumosu said, is also to revive and showcase stage play as a strong tool for education, information and entertainment, because it makes the message more real to people. Odumosu listed the cast for the epic stage play to include nollywood stars like rotimi fakunle, ajayi akorede, finian Sylvia and Osunsanya funmilayo, among others. Abuja-based popular comedian, Chuks d general, she said, would be featured on the stage play. The gods are not to blame is a 1971 novel by nigerian Playwright, Ola rotimi, an adaptation of the Greek classic Oedipus Rex.

the gods are not to blame summary

The Odyssey - book three - detailed Version

Oedipus, because of its gore and frankly cringe-worthy moments, has always fascinated in my high school English classes through the western lens, so looking at it set in an entirely different cultural context was a truly unique experience. I even tossed around the idea of transferring more works from different cultures into Ghanaian context, but decided that it was definitely to great an obstacle for three weeks. But i am still looking forward to my literary debates with Alhassan to enrich my understanding of Ghanaian culture and appreciation of literature in general. April 6, 7, 8 7pm, black box Theatre, limited seating available. Boarding passes will be handed out on a first come, first served basis friendship an hour before show time. Doors will open half an hour before show time. Must be checked in fifteen minutes prior to show time to guarantee your entry. Lovers of theatre in the federal Capital Territory (FCT) would be treated to a stage play this weekend, on Ola rotimis classical novel, The gods Are not to Blame.

I cant believe i wasnt able to immediately see the blatant flaws myself. To ask a group of people who ive never even encountered in person before to submit personal stories about their life experiences is such an invasive demand, something I would have difficulty asking even from my close friends. I might have stories submitted, but may be created routinely and lack that level of intimacy needed for a community journal to have meaning. To ask a piece of personal literature from someone requires deep trust and strong communication, something that I definitely lack as i am not even on the ground in Dalun. Perhaps this idea may have more traction for future summers when were fortunate to work there in person, but for now, i have to put this idea to rest. Instead, i am excited to begin my literary analysis of Ghanaian works with Alhassan. Our first piece that were zeroing in on is the work. The gods Are not to Blame. The piece is an interesting rendition of the Greek play oedipus, but set within a ghanaian cultural context.

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the gods are not to blame summary

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And therefore in a naturalists world view there really is no good and evil. Evil is relative and just a matter resume of subjective preference. The naturalist/atheist is also being inconsistent when he uses the problem of evil as an argument against the existence of God. But few, if any, recognize that they are disqualified from asking the question. This is a very important point. Weve talked about how ones world view must be logical, practical, etc. At every turn in the discussion we need to be able to recognize and point out where they are bailing out of their system and appealing to the Christian system to make their arguments.

It is said that a picture speaks more than a thousand words. Here is a screenshot (name and pin erased, of course) of a friends bbm status this morning: A case of wrath of the titans, or the gods are not to blame? Now connected with my new partner Alhassan, i am taking a very different type of beast for these final three weeks as this project involves more of personal transformation and education rather than a focus on community dialogue. In fact, i am reminded on my classes at Bryn Mawr as i undergo our literature project as it emphasizes reflection, personal connections, and deep analysis. At first, i was a bit disappointed in myself as I was explained that my original idea of creating a literary journal comprised of stories and poems from Dalun community members wouldnt be feasible, or even worse, ethically appropriate.

What they really mean is this: god is good. the world shouldnt contain evil. There is only an assumption on our part that there shouldnt be any evil in the world. People assume that God must want to eliminate all evil. One would have to be omniscient (i.E.

God) to know that there was actually evil that occurred that had no ultimate good purpose. Christianity doesnt teach that there shouldnt be evil. So there really is no logical problem. All we can really conclude from the argument is that God must have had a good reason for allowing evil and suffering. Pantheism says: If everything is God and God is everything, then you cant have opposites like good and evil. Therefore evil is an illusion. So, when pantheists try to use the problem of evil argument against Christians, they are being inconsistent with their world view. Naturalism says: Since a naturalist doesnt believe that there is anything that transcends the natural world. They really cant believe in an objective good.

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What is the answer to the problem? For many years, the problem of evil was seen as a way to show that Christianity was logically inconsistent. If Christianity could be seen to be logically contradictory, then it had to be false. The atheist is using the same approach that weve been using as we donation discuss the answers the various world views have to our world views questions. There is no logical fallacy in that statement of the problem of evil. god created the world. the world contains evil. Where is the contradiction?

the gods are not to blame summary

It is the us who make decisions, us who choose to hurt others, us who create suffering for others. God never made this happen, it was. Is god to blame for our suffering? Non-Christians almost always raise the question: If God is good and God is great (all-powerful) then how can there be evil in the world? Since there is evil, there must be no god. Or if there is a god, he must not be good or he must not be all-powerful. I think we need to deal with a couple of issues: Is this a good argument against the existence of God? How do the other resume world views deal with the problem of evil?

for good. In the case of Job, he used Job's faithfulness even in adversity to shame the devil, and gave to job even greater reward than he had had before. How is it his fault, in the Old Testament, god didn't make eve eat the apple, nor did the devil(satan). Eve ate the apple listening to the satan's advice. God can control certain things, but he cannot control the minds of people. Right now a human's greatest threat is another human.

Soon all suffering will end- when this earth becomes a paradise. (2 Peter 3:13) (revelation 21:34 ). We are to blame, because god gave adam and eve the choice to eat from the forbidden fruit, so it was their fault that there is sin in the world. But before this happened, the world was perfect: no death, no violence, no sin all together. So in conclusion, god is not to blame, we can only blame the human race. All suffering comes moliere from our own actions or the plans of the devil. One argument to support God being to blame comes from the book of Job.

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However, the first human couple rebelled against Gods rulership, choosing to set their own standards of good and bad. They turned away from God and suffered the consequences. Today we are experiencing the effects of their bad choice. But in no way did God originate human suffering. The bible says: When under trial, let no one say: i am being tried by god. For with evil things God cannot be tried nor english does he himself try anyone. Suffering can afflict anyone—even those who are favored by god.

The gods are not to blame summary
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  5. Lovers of theatre in the federal Capital Territory (FCT) would be treated. Theme as unveiled by the thematic analysis is that of price. Our first piece that we re zeroing in on is the.

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