World's best mission statements

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world's best mission statements

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It's inspirational in the simplicity of its message and its reason for existing. The kind of tagline nonprofits should model. Mission Statement: "Nothing But Nets is a global, grassroots campaign to save lives by preventing malaria, a leading killer of children in Africa." This is the first sentence on the "about the campaign" page. It works and is easy to find. Works well with the tagline. Why it works: Homeboy industries' tagline is a mini-masterpiece, telling a memorable story in just six words. It stops you in your tracks, makes you want to learn more and sticks with you afterward.

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"Finding a cure a highly used phrase for health organizations, is bolstered here by the book appeal to solve a problem now so future generations won't suffer from. Mission Statement: "The pa breast Cancer coalition represents, supports and serves breast cancer survivors and their families in Pennsylvania through educational programming, legislative advocacy and breast cancer research grants. The pbcc is a statewide non-profit organization that creates the hope of a brighter tomorrow by providing action and information to women with breast cancer today." Mission is a clickable link on the about page. Easy to find, actively stated, works well with the tagline. Words such as represents, supports, serves and creates make this a strong statement. Why it works: With the simple but effective use of word repetition, the houston food Bank clarifies its work and impact. It delivers on two distinct levels-the literal act of putting food on people's shelves and the emotional payoff to donors and volunteers. An excellent example of a mission-driven tagline. Mission Statement: A mission statement is not identified as such, but there is a bullet list of facts that serves that function. The excellent tagline would benefit from a strong mission statement. Why it works: Short, punchy and laser-sharp, the nothing But Nets tagline connects the action with the outcome.

It is a bit institutional and more descriptive than active. It is one of the most memorable and long lasting ever. "Because the earth needs a good lawyer". Earthjustice, why it works: Earthjustice capitalizes on what people do understand - that a lawyer protects rights - and uses that framework to position its role and impact in the environmental movement dramatically. And it does so with humor. If your tagline makes people smile or light up, without stepping on your message, then you've made an emotional connectionBravo. Mission Statement: "Earthjustice is a non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to protecting the magnificent places, natural resources, and wildlife of this earth, and to defending the right of all people to a healthy environment." The mission is at the top of the about page. Why it works: The pa breast Cancer coalition's tagline is both emphatic and poignant. It strikes a deep emotional chord and conveys the focus and impact of its work without being overly sentimental.


world's best mission statements

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It's definitive, with a robust economy of words. An excellent example of the tagline clarifying the nonprofit's focus, when the organization's name alone doesn't. Mission Statement: "Common cause is dedicated to restoring the core values of American democracy, reinventing an open, honest and accountable government that serves the public interest, and empowering ordinary people to make their voices paper heard in the political process." This is the first paragraph. It true is accessible and connects well with the tagline. Why it works: This 38-year-old tagline from uncf still rings strong. It elegantly delivers its straight up, powerful message. When your tagline is the boiled-down essence of your argument for support, you've achieved tagline bliss. That's why this one is a classic. Mission Statement: "Our mission is to enhance the quality of education by providing financial assistance to deserving students, raising operating funds for member colleges and universities, and increasing access to technology for students and faculty at historically black colleges and universities." The mission.

Mission Statement: There is no specified mission statement on the website, but the first sentence on the about page serves: "The museum collects, preserves, and interprets fine art, historical, archaeological, and ethnological artifacts that pertain to montana and its adjoining geographic region." Direct, active, easy-to-find. "Building community deep in the hearts of Texans". TexasNonprofits, why it works: TexasNonprofits' tagline tweaks the title of an iconic American popular song from the 1940s and brilliantly connects it to the spirit, passion, and mission of the state's citizenry. A great example of how wordplay works in a tagline. Mission Statement: "txnp strengthens Texas communities by providing up-to-date data and other resources and support via the. Internet to help build stronger and bigger nonprofits that can perform and operate professionally, efficiently, and with greater accountability." "Mission" is a link on the about page. It is active and plays well with the tagline. Why it works: Common cause's tagline leaves no doubt about the organization's mission, unique value, and commitment.

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world's best mission statements

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Taglines, missions, and Implementation, here are twelve past winners of one of the getting Attention Tagline competitions. I've paired the taglines with each organization's mission statement from its website. How well do they correlate? Are they equally well written? Do the taglines and the mission statements reinforce one another?

Does the mission statement measure up to lublin's high standard? (The tagline comments are by nancy Schwartz, environment and the mission comments are mine). Why it works: The montana historical Society takes its state's work most elemental and distinctive characteristics (Big sky, big Land) and deftly melds them with its mission in a way that generates excitement. The result is a tagline with punch and focus. And a big hit with voters.

Disney store Theater at the end of Pixie dust trail, this space has a giant video library of Disney movies which can be watched on a 90 flat screen.  Events and family activities also take place in this theater. EarthJustice makes its tagline, "Because earth needs a good Lawyer" work with all of its materials. Here is a facebook timeline photo that shows how. EarthJustice, do taglines and mission statements matter for nonprofits?

Two nonprofit experts say they do and suggest how nonprofits can write better ones. Schwartz, of, getting Attention, created the "Outstanding Nonprofit Taglines Competition" to showcase the best nonprofit taglines. There is an art to taglines, but they all link back to a strong mission statement. Nancy lublin, the former ceo of do something. Fast Company that, "Mission statements don't have to be dumb. In fact, they can be valuable, if they articulate real targets.". Lublin says that nonprofits typically prefer, ".warm, fuzzy words that have all the gloss of inspiration and none of the soul and drive of the real thing." She challenges organizations to, "take your wonky mission statement and rip it to shreds. Then ponder your ambitions, and write and rewrite the thing until it reflects-in real, printable words and figures-the difference you want to make.". Since taglines, in their pithy brevity, express the essence of an organization's mission, i decided to compare taglines with their mission statements to see how they worked together.

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Expanding the umum magic, when the disney stores debuted in 1987, they were cutting edge in terms of creating an interactive customer experience. It is reported that Apple founder, steve jobs actually studied and short visited Disney stores as he was conceptualizing the Apple Store retail chain. But as retail technology offerings grew, the magic of the disney store design became less special. With the retail disruption that Apples retail stores created, disney stores quickly lost its innovative edge. At some point between 20, the tables turned, and it was Disney company leaders who were studying and visiting Apple retail stores for ideas about how to re-engage disney store customers at a higher level. Todays standard Disney store design includes these interactive features: Pixie dust Trail a sparkly blue trail through the store which leads to something special. Places in the disney stores where disney store cast members read classic Disney stories to disney store guests of all ages for free. Disney princess neighborhood disney princess Castle. Play areas where the youngest of Disney guests can become part of their favorite disney princess fairy tale.

world's best mission statements

Disney lore has it that Ub Iwerks was a better artist than Walt. So when Walt asked Ub to work with him, it freed Walt to be more of a visionary leader and less of a production deadline-driven artist. Know your Own Limits - his first company, laugh-o-gram Films went out of business, leading Walt to conclude that he wasn't such a great businessman. Because of this experience, walt asked his banking brother roy to be his partner, which writing probably saved the disney brothers Studio from inevitable ruin otherwise. Keep the gates Locked so the Critters Are safe - walt lost the rights to Oswald the lucky rabbit to Charles Mintz, and learned a valuable lesson about ownership rights, which he applied to trademarks, copyrights, and licensing agreements in the future. It was the perfect time for Walt to learn this lesson because mickey mouse was about to be born. It's a mickey mouse Operation - as the saying goes, "It all started with a mouse which is supposed to be a reminder not to take things too seriously. Anecdotally walt forgot this influence a little too often when dealing with his employees.

world of your Imagination - disney as a poor student because instead of paying attention in class, he was lost in his drawings. More Escape - walt forged his passport to join the army, but he was rejected. . Instead, he trained to drive red Cross Ambulances and didn't "escape" to paris until after the war was officially over. (Coincidentally, during his training to be an ambulance driver, walt befriended. Ray kroc, who would later be a co-founder of McDonald's.). At some point in Walt Disney's life, he stopped being influenced and started being an Influencer. Walt learned these leadership lessons from his entrepreneurial endeavors, and the company he founded is still benefiting from his experience. The business Works Best When everybody Is doing What They do best.

Early Influences on Walt Disney which Influenced the Company's Mission, vision, and Values. Some might say that Walt Disney's childhood was a setup for unhappily ever after. It could have easily gone that way, but instead, table walt turned trauma into animated drama and setbacks into comebacks. Like a trail of hidden Mickey, to examine walt's vision, values and general business philosophy is to uncover the major influences of Walt's early life, some of which were not exactly a feel-good movie plot. Those early childhood influences were: The disney critters - walt discovered his drawing talent and his love of animals growing up on a farm in Marceline,. Obsession With Creating the happiest Place On Earth - walt's father reportedly had a violent temper and beat his children regularly with a switch. Walt reportedly found his happy place when he escaped into the world of his drawings. Workaholism and Demanding leadership Style - the disney family moved away from the farm to kansas City.

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Robert Alexander/Getty Images, the disney mission statement reveals its unique formula for making profits, which is different from most other major. Corporations that focus on profit from a strictly financial viewpoint. Disneys mission, in contrast, focuses on the intangibles that make the disney brand unique and distinct. Disney's leaders believe - as did founder. Walt Disney - when you get the intangibles right, profits will flow. In addition to the corporate mission statement, the disney theme parks have a mission statement specifically designed reviews for the employees who work at one of those "happiest places on earth." The disney theme park mission statement is: "We create happiness by providing the best. With a desire to create the same time of magic that guests experience in the disney theme parks, the disney stores have a similar mission statement, which they refer to as their "vision". (Also, scroll down to the bottom of this page for more about the mission statements of Children's Retailers.) "Create magical moments for guests of all ages.".

World's best mission statements
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  2. building a mission statement and I would challenge every company s leader. McDonalds vision is to be the world s best quick service restaurant experience. Does your company have a mission statement? More than likely because mission statements are just words on a page that mean nothing.

  3. Find out how an unhappily ever after childhood became leadership lessons. We at jysk believe that we can always do things a little better and become even bigger, so that we can still give our customers the. But that s exactly what youll need to do to write an effective mission statement.) Here are a few steps to make the process painless. The best mission statement ive seen is the one for America.

  4. Ultimate visa corporation wants to be known as the world s best immigration and visa consultation firm. We will work concertedly to efficiently monetize best practice methods of empowerment to stay pertinent in tomorrow s world. Learn about the mission statement and other company information for Amazon, the world ' s largest retailer, and how it guides their. The disney company mission statement is a unique one.

  5. That' s why inquiries about the target mission statement and founders are some of the most frequently asked questions in the retail. World, angling s mission is to attempt to capture these feelings; the moments that feed the passion. Earn a superior return by enabling our customers to build and operate the world s best optical networks. Consumer oriented, we focus on our clients satisfaction and strive to provide our clients with the best services at the best prices.

  6. Mission, statements of Technology companies Get, mission, statements of Popular Automobile companies Our. Best, money tips, delivered. The best taglines extract the essence of an organization' s mission statement and turn it into a jolt of inspiration. trends, but another part of the challenge likely is found in the company' s mission statement, which lacks both a mission and a vision.

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